MLB Miraculous Ladybug – Blue Feelings (parte 1) (Lukanette) – Motion comic

-A…Adrien…Can I talk to you? I’m sorry marinette…I’m in a hurry. I like you!! Adrien, I..I really like yo…you so much… I… Marinette, wait…I’m sorry, but I’m not into you… I like someone else… […I like someone else…] I get it. I’m sorry, I have to go… Adrien… if only…. if only… if only I were able to erase… this distance…. [ Don´t cry, Marinette… ] [ Don´t… don´t cry.. ] Yeah, It was crazy! Jim says that you jumped out of the boat and your mom thought you were a dolphin! Marinette…? – Luka, did you hear me?
– Sorry guys. I’ll catch up with you later! I guess this is the end…Tikki. – What is a Tikki?
– Lu…Luka?!! You gave me such a fright. Marinette… Are you crying?
Is there something wrong? Crying? it’s just a garbage in my eye… Marinette… Don´t lie to me.. Forgive me!! I was very rude…!! I’m sorry … I can’t stop crying. Marinette… …calm down, everything will be fine to be continued…. Written, edited and drawn by

30 thoughts on “MLB Miraculous Ladybug – Blue Feelings (parte 1) (Lukanette) – Motion comic”

  1. What is a tiki…? Hahahaha honestly I kinda ship mari with Luca cause now in 2019 Adrien like kagmi so…lukanett… fandom : nooooooooooooooooo that ain't it chef.

  2. Luka be out here with gay black nails Tomas astruckt u telling us something…? (Btw Tomas astruckt (sp) is the creator of the show miraculous)

  3. No comprendo si es un video en español hay personas que hablan ingles y hay videos en ingles y hay personas que hablan español aunque pensándolo bien como hay traducción en ingles ahh ya olviden lo que dije😅😅😅

  4. Cuando dijo "lo siento, yo no puedo corresponderte" crei que diría "yo no soy gay"
    Tan traumada me dejo aristemo jajaja

  5. TBH ima multishipper ik okay for who ends up with marinette luka and adrien i dont really care but then i ship adrienette mor but fine… but god

  6. 2:44 I finally found the character my friend was talking to me about and I see a ship without Adrien and I'm like 👌😂

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