MLB Hot Stove (Pt. 1)

u_s_ exports trombone baguettes and a
fellow who’s your penalized for of serious extend a
producer at serious accent band what’s up aria what’s done is to be a good to have you look at what has come
through interviewing your friends now the africans anything over to you at the
sports visited beverly schuch and good warm wrecked before u_s_ but beyond that
this is going to travel but partly what’s up well we’ll see how you
doing maybe we’ll have a great amount involved when your sister soprano
infrared camera and have her number that linda which country that we need to talk about prior
to going on with jonathan howe the sign marcos wrote but they also found a job we’ve gone to
a four year fourteen million dollar deal and then
you look at the red sox signing victory no two three years thirty nine million
napoli gets the same deal do you think uh… booking at it from are wide ones
that these contracts are kind of that they’re paying their overpaying for
the market that is uh… that is in the free agency market right now uh… absolutely and it’s funny johnny
and actually read it at article the other day talking about that very same
topic state you’re seeing a lot of guys especially symbolic victory in a really
haven’t down year and get stuffed result value what is the
value that ultimately he’s going for thinking on it uh… call you’ve got a little bit
around beating up the money into the any of the season that’s what he was going
for and nice a_b_c_ come down a little bit they’re still getting paid big money
guys but it’s not the money bad they probably were expecting for
themselves at the beginning of the season so i can take a look at fresh
market cdi probably overpaying a little bit for guys that media experts the
ended their brian especially when you look at something
like a victory no i i think that believed ad spending on what role the
red sox season and that’s the main interesting case but that’s it on some of my teenage it presents to you
that’s a guy who had he career year was huge for the chicago white sox is here
in someone’s prodding and maybe one or two year deal needs you you’re from the yankees and
its primary more than about eight nine million year three years for for marcus
cuter armies are at thirty seven years alts input and had arguably his best
season and you’re not really sure we’re going to do it and now it can lead to
look for per gallon only in the sense that i think’s bt complained at a high
level issued an item in a few more dollars i
would like to ask for your deal for example guy in considering what he does
the top of my idol and biggest that crazy dot the bride savings really
gentlemen these assigned to a puzzling to me as part of the problem we have in
your team any that that the the judge for the
month when the one world series and i could have partial afterwards it drives
up to reinvest after winning the world series they’ll sell out every game exchanges
you know extension of the ninety percent of past four years forty million for
begun in three years markets through the first numbers are soft the road for
years point four million felice is only twenty nine and he had he was
sensational of those two months them and then the post-season and i love you know as a lifelong
oakland a fan of an enormous off self-taught from working vadose hope in
the asia get into the deadline that’s strange month for a guy like
savion commit but you’re in a box because those
players played such a critical role but there’s no question that too much money
for pickup but few doubt the market for center fielders stuff there are a lot of
them don’t learn a lot of free agents at our viewers remarkable that allowed into who michael michael boer right a little
was going to cost you maybe a hundred million dollar q no eighty million
dollar seven million dollars a year that you think you should money i’ll be
anybody’s rebecca money uh… but again in the nation nobody’s worth more in about one point
four million dollars reporters to be made up their way so i i i get it for a predominantly
compared to be on the more that the board here like will look again that uh… half of you know but even if that
means more than i have to play but i have those republics items to me the only one of the ones that are so
sick to reader that’s crazy money victory notion venture to stop and have
that job line megan sightings like that napoli that might work out the credible
upon us with a good hitter and supporters of it all better at fenway
and that could that could work out well and that’s not the one for a second as
because there’s so much will eighty seats on stub forces asian he’s been
saying all along that they’re going to get more than in what b_j_ opt-in is gonna make it
often satisfied you deal with atlanta seventy five twenty five billion dollars
stetson alternative sample of the case for someone to feel really next bc she still believe
that their best years our had hamptons twenty eight-years-old still
hasn’t shown those full potential that you really would like to see out of
somebody like that pose a spring training this year uh… and i want to a
giant and and on filling at all what what i want more
condo that’s was there on it so uh… and there was nobody nicer on
the field that they’ve got he was jump in with everything he like when the cause out that you know
you got the guys who numbers in spring training in ninety one ninety five the
iraqis or connecting minor leaguers or collecting and he’d go out and sharing of flight
attendants joke around with them and making them feel like part of the team
so isla but i’m right there i don’t know what kind of guy propel reporting that i watched him for like fifteen minutes
of because awesome canceled dot blot seven forty four your forty million
dollars at the physics deadly one of the good guys and i’d like to see them

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