What’s up guys? John Madden, and I’m here with Fernando Cortez and we’re here in his spot
oh man I love it Temecula California and we’re gonna
talk a little bit about hitting today if you could talk about like what you would think
when you would get into the batter’s box like so we were talking about you were
facing Chapman all these you played in the major leagues great hitter talk
about your approach and kind of some of the things you were thinking about as
you’re facing some of these guys for me most of the time you know just kind of
walking into the box my biggest thing was trying to be relaxed I already know
that hitting a baseball probably one of the hardest things to do
in any sport so for me it was how can I slow this game down how can I be more
relaxed I’ll be honest with you there were some times I walked with a plate
and I was just trying to figure out what song this thing in my head you know what
I mean just because I knew there was just so much riding on this at-bat but
for the most part I was always prepared so for you know different pitchers I
knew what they threw I knew their velocity I knew you know if they were a
slide step type of guy or if you know what the delivery was like and I studied
how they pitched other hitters that were very similar to me so me being a
left-handed guy I would watch you know what did they do to the previous guys or
the last time I played them what do they do so my biggest thing was trying to be
prepared always prepared walking up to the plate and then just trying to slow
it all down and relax and you were telling me before I used to keep a book
get these guys right so what would you write down in your book so book I would
actually write down so I put their name and then I would put if they’re
left-handed or right-handed and then I would put what type of
pitches they had what was their arsenal so did they have a four seam fastball
did they have a two seam fastball if they had a breaking ball was it a
curveball or did they have a slider did they throw a changeup or a splitter or
any things that I’ve ever seen I would just basically write it down and then I
would put percentages how many times have I seen it if it’s a guy who threw a
knuckleball but he only threw every once in a blue moon I would put a percentage
that I’ve only probably seen it like one to five percent right so I could heavily
I could look heavily on what was being pitched and I could basically see okay
this guy is more of a fastball changeup guy he does have a curveball or slider
but in reality like the presented the percentages are showing fastball change
or fastball curveball and I was able to kind of like eliminate certain pitches
even though it was part of his repertoire and then I would also put
miles per hour so as far as how fast were they throwing it gave me a good
gauge if I knew he was you know 90 to 95 or he was 88 to 92 or you know 97 to 100
I knew that’s what as fast balls and I could just prepare myself as far as my
timing nice so that’s obviously taking preparation to the extreme level now
what about like as you get into the game now you’re we’re going from in the hole
to on deck 2 now you’re getting to the batter’s box what was your routine so
very similar preparation I also was visualizing so I was visualizing in the
dugout I would visualize on when I was in the
hole I would visualize when I was on deck and then when I got into the box I
was still visualizing everything that I just did in the previous four steps
right I’m slowing it all down I’m envisioning whatever he’s throwing and
what I’m gonna do to that pitch there’s literally times where I’ve envisioned
myself hitting a double to left-center field I get a pitch that I saw when I
was visualizing hitting a double standing on second base taking my shin
guard off going man that was weird that was really weird but I think you know if
you’re prepared and you’re preparing all the way through by the time you get into
the box and you actually have that at bat your natural talent mechanics and
ability just takes over and that was my goal was always to just let my
athleticism take over let you know the fact that I’ve worked hard in preparing
just naturally take over so so when you get into the box would you you’d say you
had a quiet mind or a song like you said you were singing so basically just see
the ball and hit the ball when you get to that point when I’m going good yeah
when I’m when I’m going good that was that was the goal it was it was it was
pretty much happening I was I was very relaxed I came to the point where I was
just seeing the ball and hitting that was more reaction than anything when I
was going bad there was a lot of stuff going on in my head so I found the most
successes when I was the most quiet not that I just shut my brain off and I was
on autopilot you know reaction but I still want to
know like you know what’s happening the patterns of the pitcher and still be
able to process it and then just shut it off for a second and just get into
hitting mode but the most successes mostly when I was
when I was really just not inside my head I was letting my physical abilities
take over and when I wasn’t doing well it was it was back flips in there so how
do you get out of that like if there’s a young player who’s struggling right now
they’re in a slump like what was your routine of like trying to get out of
that for me it was it was knowing that I was actually a good hitter having the
ability to go back and reference you know the confidence that I’ve had or
even taking other at-bats like you may have struck me out the last two times
but I can go back to the previous at-bats to know that I got two hits off
of you so I’m putting things into perspective and really looking at it
from a different perspective and that perception of you know I’m not gonna
beat myself up because I’ve had a couple at-bats bats that are bad right they say
you know if you’re a 300 hitter you know there’s guys in the Hall of Fame it
means you’re failing 70% of the time so once I actually embraced the fact that
I’m gonna fail 70% of the time and that’s considered great then that gave
me the ability to know that it’s okay to get out you know and move on to the next
one it’s the old saying like turn the page right if I read the first four or
five chapters I don’t want to go back to that other chapter whether it was good
bad or ugly it doesn’t matter I still need to keep going forward in order to
finish the book right so my biggest thing was I got really good it took a
while don’t get me wrong I got really really good at just going forward moving
forward not getting too high on my successes not getting real you know low
on my failures but trying to stay even kill as much as I possibly could because
if I could stay even kill mentally then my physical ability would be able to
just play out the way it’s supposed to and you talked about confidence a little
bit right there talked about being a young big leaguer cuz you made it there
at a young age but having that swag because you were known for having that
swag in big leagues talk about that and how it was perceived and how you use
that to your benefit well for me I mean you know I played multiple sports so it
was football baseball basketball rent you know I ran track it was it was
always the way you walked onto the field or on to the court you know or at the
meet it was the way you know you presented yourself with your body
language right a lot of people who will you know
you can tell who the best player is gonna be literally by the way they walk
on the field you’ll look at what he’s walking how is he walking his postures
up he’s he’s got confidence in his walk if he’s got confidence in his walk he’s
got to have confidence and everything else right and you can basically see the
people who were shrugged over and who lacked that confidence now for me the
way I played my confidence was I even when I wasn’t feeling well if my swing
was off or you know I didn’t feel the best of my ability that day I didn’t
want the other team to know and I definitely didn’t want the pitcher to
know so that old saying you faked it to make it a lot of times I was faking it
so physically on the outside it looked like I was I was the man and I was you
know I was very confident but maybe inside I was insecure about something at
that moment so my whole thing was I could fake myself into actually being
confident a lot of times I could I could just train myself to always feel
positive and feel good no matter I might be 3 for 30 but if I walk up to the
plate like I’m 3 for 30 it’s gonna translate and that 3 for 30
in turn 2 3 4 50 right my whole thing was how fast can I get rid of this lump
I don’t want those 3 for 30 if I if I’m 3/4
you know 15 let me let me flip this around real quick and then you know I
can I cannot prolong having these bad streaks and on the flip side if I’m very
confident I can extend my hitting streaks I can turn my 5 games into 10
games by tens in the 15s into 20 games because mentally I’m consistently being
confident having that swagger I’m going up to the plate and I know that that guy
ain’t gonna get me out even though he throws 100 miles per hour but I’m not
gonna let him know that his hundred scares me you know what I’m saying so
it’s it’s it’s a mental challenge that I think a lot of young hitters probably
battle but I think once they can actually master that mindset of knowing
that you’re good enough I mean you’re obviously in the batter’s box for a
reason you made it you’re there whether you’re in on the high school team in Bar
City College professional you’re there for a reason so pretty much act like it
that’s a great point you we talked earlier about competitiveness
and the fighter flight yep talk about a were you a competitive player at all and
if so how did that fuel your success and did you do anything to work on it
where’s that just natural to you um I think it was natural I think was natural
the way I you know where I was brought up you know I lived at the rec center
with all the kids so I was always playing football baseball basketball
like I said I ran track so you know having that mindset of being successful
and beating the other guy was something that always helped me as I got older I
realized that the biggest competitor I had was myself and that was fun it was
fun to compete against myself because I couldn’t get away from myself so I
always had somebody to compete with you know it’s either like I said before
you’re they’re gonna fight it or you’re gonna fly it you’re gonna run away and I
just I was never the person to really run away from stuff even though if I was
scared if I was scared about a certain situation or a certain pitcher I
remember my first big league at-bat right I Lou Pinella tells me he was
Cortes you’re hitting I know I was pinch-hitting right and it’s in Chicago
in front of it was July 5th so the whole series there’s 55,000 people there
because of the fourth of July right and this is 2005 when the White Sox won the
World 2 so they got a you know great team and I remember this was the first
time I ever noticed that I had one ear flap in the big leagues in the minor
leagues you have two ear flaps on your helmets right so I get up on deck and I
didn’t realize I had one ear flap until I noticed I could hear everyone and I
noticed how loud the crowd was and I remember just chewing on like 17 pieces
of gum because I was so nervous right but if you watch film on me walking up
to the plate it looks nothing like how I actually felt it’s completely different
I walked up to the plate with this utter confidence but in the inside I was dying
you know I was excited I was nervous I was dying but it was one of those things
where I was like okay I can either run from the situation or I can fight it and
this was everything I dreamed of so well I’m supposed to be here right now let’s
do this so that’s awesome that’s awesome there’s
a lot of good information right there guys Fernando’s got a great Instagram
page Fernando dot Cortes baseball on Instagram
and all the other platforms as well as YouTube so yeah so I’ll leave all his
information down below at the links check him out
and of course hop down in the comments below and we’d be happy to answer any
questions that you have and we’ll talk to you guys in the next video
homie I appreciate it problem thanks Rob yeah absolutely place thank you
appreciate it

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