Merkel challenges Johnson to find backstop solution in 30 days

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is
on his first overseas trip since becoming leader of the UK in Berlin on
Wednesday Johnson reiterated his call to German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the
Irish board a backstop plan to be scrapped for more on this and other news
from around the world let’s turn to our Kim dummy so dummy tell us more about
these talks in Germany remark British Prime Minister Boris Johnson once again
said his country wants the Irish border backstop removed to smooth the road for
a less bumpy brexit he made the remarks during a press conference Wednesday with
German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin Johnson has a long insisted the
Irish border backstop must be axed to prevent a no deal exit calling it
undemocratic he also said all his German friends and the German government know
that the UK wants a brexit deal with the EU but Merkel told Johnson that he
needed to come up with specific proposals on alternatives to the
backstop it has been said oh we will find a solution in the next two years
but maybe we can find one in the next 30 days she added with the withdrawal
agreement will not be reopened Johnson responded that he welcomed the
blistering timetable and according to the French government the UK is expected
to leave the EU without a withdrawal agreement
this means a so-called no deal brexit is now considered the most likely outcome
in France Johnson will meet a French president
Emmanuel macron on Thursday for further discussions on brexit

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