Marlon Byrd on Balancing Control and Player Development

Marlon Byrd on Balancing Control and Player
Development [INTRO MUSIC]>>MARLON BYRD: Coaches, understanding that
balance when it comes to working with a player. We always want the players to do well, we
always want the players not to mess up, not to make any mistakes, to be the perfect player. It just does not happen. So, my thought process when you’re working
with a player is to get them to understand. Understand why something works, why something
doesn’t. But you have to let them make their mistakes
and then you have the conversation, then you have the talk, then you have to work.>>MARLON BYRD: Over time, a hitter, a pitcher,
a player, whatever position that he’s playing, he can become his own coach. He can understand, if a guy misses a ground
ball, he should be able to come in and go, ‘Coach, this is the adjustment that I need
to make.’ That’s what we have to instill with them,
that’s our responsibility. [OUTRO MUSIC]

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