Life Ionizers Next Generation Pitcher of Life

Congratulations on your purchase of the amazing
Life ionizer Pitcher of LIFE. Now just a few things before you are off to enjoy the spectacular
LIFE purified alkaline water. Everyone should take a look at their manual. Not only does
it have pretty pictures, but it also has important instructions on proper maintenance, filter
replacement instructions. First things first, give the Pitcher of LIFE a quick wash. The
lid should not be submerged into the water, but instead use a damp, clean cloth and clean
it by hand. Clean the surface of the filter cartridge and screw it firmly to the bottom
of the funnel reservoir. Place the funnel reservoir into the pitcher. Next, fill the
funnel reservoir with cold water up to the brim. And let the water filter through into
the pitcher. Repeat this step twice. At this time, you can give us a call to order filters
or you can sign up for our SUPER Incredible Auto-Ship program. What is the auto-ship program
you ask? Well, let me tell you… Every 6 month, you’ll receive a package that includes
enough filters to keep your Pitcher of LIFE pouring refreshing alkaline water. Not only
will your filters be there when you

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