MADE PELOSI ‘LOOK LIKE FOOLS’ it’s the present truly arranged to close down
the administration again in three weeks no doubt I think he really is remember he will
take the necessary steps to secure the outskirt he takes this very genuinely
this is a genuine compassionate and security emergency and as leader of. the United States he takes the security of
the country as his most elevated need OK so there’s another shutdown due date on the table and that is February
fifteenth we should get White House White House Mercedes flapasaurus why not record rehashed
communicators Mercedes incredible to have you here we’re discussing this. February fifteenth due date now what does
the president think can complete by then look the president has consummately set the table now for the arrangements with Congress
this is clearly we’re attempting to check whether we can get this authoritative
fix and guaranteeing that we’re ready to subsidize the fringe and on the off chance that he likewise
has flawlessly. set the table for different alternatives too
we have to investigate different choices in request to finance the outskirt so again we
feel we’re in a decent position I think now it’s a matter of checking whether Congress can convey what are those different
alternatives incorporate official request well again we are taking a gander at all choices. on the table clearly he has examined in the
past about proclaiming a national crisis our objective right currently is to guarantee that Congress can think of an arrangement
of activity you have these conferees meeting up this Wednesday they require. will be meeting with specialists to discuss
what assets are Border Patrol operators require the president has been one to tune in to our Border Patrol operators
and they have perceived the need of having subsidizing for physical boundaries what’s more, that was the reason we thought
of a 5.7 billion dollar figure due to the way that it permits to work more than 200. miles of the divider in the best needs that
the Border Patrol operators have recognized to guarantee that our fringe is ensured and could diminish the measure of
illicit migration migrants who are crossing the fringe pretty much two weeks prior you made an offer 5.7 billion
subsidizing and financing however there were a ton of. different things in their three-year transitory
status for visionaries and various judges and beds at the fringe in the event that you take that bargain that
you put on the table two weeks prior what number of Democrats in the house do you think would vote in favor of it look I think there
was certainly weight from the general population democrats they put. weight on the Democrat authority since they
were needing to ensure we could revive the legislature and afterward consult with the president we’ve
had Democrats on record saying that physical boundaries work the president proposed a decent confidence exertion
in a decent confidence trade off this was a chance to bring the Democrats to. the table they declined to arrange since we’re
back on where we are could revive the legislature for the next three weeks this is going to put weight
on these conferees see back she ation do you think you’ll get any Democrats to vote in favor of that isn’t
look I think now it’s up to the conferees to concoct a decent. plan and after that by then the president
will choose if that would be sufficient assets to guarantee that we secure the outskirt so is there a State of
the Union date set Mercedes well we know it’s certainly not tomorrow but rather the where our workplaces are working with Nancy
Pelosi’s workplaces to set a date clearly when she previously revoked the welcome. which was the reality of saying that there
was a security concern or requested a postponement in the State of the Union there were no security concerns you realize the
president’s anticipating tending to the American individuals talking about our blasting economy the extraordinary
work we’ve done to help every single American laborer just as discussion about our quality
in. the outside circles and what we’ve possessed
the capacity to improve the situation precedent in moving towards denuclearization and the
Korean Promontory so we have an extraordinary story
to tell and the president is anticipating tending to the American to be clear starting at now there’s no welcome from
the house speaker is that correct that is right stamp to our workplaces are. chatting on the Roger stone news how was the
White House responding this is a long-lasting companion of the president look I mean there’s no proof of agreement with by
the President or senior White House official Scholz you realize I believe it’s simply fascinating
in case you’re setting the standard on Roger stone to likewise you know. make the inquiry of others who’ve given false
proclamations like James clapper or James Comey so far as that is concerned what does the president need to state about
this toward the beginning of today Roger stone you know again we’re centered in around getting. fringe security finished our objective at
the present time and as we move towards the State of the Union is to discuss ways that we can work
with Congress to accomplish our needs and on the President’s plan I mean we will probably keep on pushing forward
on financial flourishing and development in America ensuring that compensation. prop up ensuring that there are openings for
work for all Americans we’ve made more than seven million employments I imply that is simply exceptional
thus the president needs to keep concentrated on those issues that issue which is that of the economy which is that
of guaranteeing that we secure our fringe I mean we were talking today. about human dealing being an immense issue
right now on this other outskirt where eyes for instance could recognize more than 300 casualties of human
dealing so those are the issues that were centered around in the best approach to additional sections rapidly john bolton on dangers to
the americans of venezuela he tweeted this any savagery and terrorizing. against US strategic work force Venezuela’s
Democratic pioneer Juan Y doe or the National Assembly itself would speak to a grave attack on the standard of
law and will be met with a noteworthy reaction what is that recommending in. terms of reaction well again we the United
States we’re investigating financial and discretionary activities against the Maduro routine it is the ideal opportunity
for Maduro to surrender it this is where the Venezuelan individuals are talking they’re talking up they need vote based system they
need guideline of law they are worn out on what we have seen as a harsh routine. that has demolished this country and devastated
the general population of Venezuela it is the ideal opportunity for majority rules system
to talk it now is the right time for opportunity that is the thing that the
Venezuelan individuals need it is the reason we are perceiving the interval president juan
book of scriptures and I need to ensure that there are six than that
in that area and in that nation here’s the most recent that we. gotten notification from Secretary of State
Mike Pompeo on this presently it’s the ideal opportunity for each other country to pick
a side no more postpones no more amusements it is possible
that you remain with the powers of opportunity or you’re allied with Maduro and his Mayim
what further activity is the president in his organization
taking a gander at taking here again I’m not venturing out in front of any. of these declarations however we are going
to take a gander at monetary and strategic channels to guarantee that we put weight on maduras routine’s it’s one of the edges
that we’re doing to guarantee that we can advance majority rules system and in that. nation it is a minute in time where they you
see countless Venezuelans heading off to the boulevards to bolster the between time president why however
we realize that the National Assembly has spoken they need Maduro out and this is a minute in time for that to happen we are
going to keep on conversing with our partners and as Secretary Pompeo said it’s. time to pick sides and we remain with opportunity
we remain with majority rules system in Venezuela and we need the general population to recover the power as opposed to having a tyrant
set up that has totally obliterated that nation we’ll keep on watch that Mercedes slap I trust you return
soon when time yet thank you for your time today from the North Lawn. there thanks going along with me currently
to speak progressively about this is the president acting head of staff Mick Mulvaney Mick welcome back to Fox News Sunday a debt of
gratitude is in order for taking the time I realize you returned to South Carolina to
see your family for. the first run through since New Year’s John
great morning thanks especially to have me as generally so did the president here give in to Democrats I think a ton of Republicans
imagine that he gave in here in light of the fact that he truly left far from 35 days of an administration shutdown with nothing
more that he could have had no less than about fourteen days prior and Senator Graham. proposed a similar thing and perhaps back
to before the subject of began now I think what you’ve seen here is the president seeing an open door what he did
why he did what he did was on the grounds that numerous Democrats had come to us some
of them secretly a considerable lot of them stood
up openly that they really beginning to concur with him on the home on the. need for a hindrance on the southern outskirt
and they had come to us and said look we concur with you you’re winning the fight the significance of a boundary on
the southern fringe yet we just can’t work with you well the legislature is open
that is a checked contrast solidarity well. the legislature was shut definitely that
is a stamped distinction and where the Democrat
administration was the place they said they wouldn’t converse with us about fringe security
ever Nancy Pelosi broadly said that regardless of whether we open the administration she wouldn’t give us a solitary dollar for the
divider so I think the president saw an opportunity here to attempt and take the. Democrats at their oath a portion of the general
population additionally a portion of the authority dick Durbin said some tolerable things about a guest hindrance Jim Clyburn
my previous partner from South Carolina said that if the specialists.


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  2. Nancy Pelosi would sell her first born child to a drug cartel if it would get her votes. That woman who claims to want border security literally said it was wrong to criticize gang rapists and murderers. Anyone who supports this woman is also supporting the killing of American citizens. She has lost her mind.

  3. Stop screwing around 3 and remove her from office she doesn't belong in politics anymore she is against this nation she is trying to destroy it from within just for a vote lock her ass up and everyone else involved in this bullshit that is going on in this fucking country

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  6. She or a LIAR A VERY RICH LIAR!!! Who ever gave her the power of the purse, has a poor political future. Build the wall !!

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  10. I love Trump and the efforts he is applying but if this wall thing plays out until next election I will not vote for him. However if he soon gets us the wall It will restore my faith in the presidency itself .let make this country worth saving.

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