John Podesta, the “UFO tweet”

We had already gotten some press in the
Washington Post. The Washington times rather Several articles announcing what we were
doing, laying it all out. They know that we’re coming pretty much known on the hill So we’re making progress. And then…
Then on February the 13’th, this happened…. John Podesta former chief of staff to
Bill Clinton advisor to Bill Clinton Head of the founder of the “Center for
American Progress” And of course it just finished up as a
one-year advisor to President Obama And he has already been announced that
he’s going to become Hillary Clinton’s Chief Advisor. And she is leading in the
polls to be president the United States So naturally when your leaving the White
House job, to become the key advisor to the next heir apparent to the presidency
you want to put out a “UFO post” They do it all the time. Right? So he puts out this “U.F.O. tweet”. Now understand, we have now been in Washington November 20, to December 20. to January 20. Right? Things are moving forward and he makes this tweet “Finally my biggest failure of 2014” “once again” Note that “not securing the disclosure –” hashtag #disclosure. Remember. What was the ” # ” of the 1 million tweets & facebook messages? “#Disclosure” He uses the same —-># “releasing the UFO files” and then copies the “New York Times columnist”: Maureen Dowd. You, you just don’t, do that. It just doesn’t happen. Unless you have to Why did he do this? Limited hang out. Pre inoculation. He knows what’s coming He got back on the record, reminding people that he had called for the
release of beautiful files in 2002 2003 That he had written the foreword to
Leslie Keane’s book about the UFO phenomena That he’d been in the documentary about that. He’d been out there trying to do the job. this was a response to “The Rockefeller

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