I Was Wrong (Peacock Kwami Holder Marinette) [Miraculous Ladybug Comic]

89 thoughts on “I Was Wrong (Peacock Kwami Holder Marinette) [Miraculous Ladybug Comic]”

  1. Lies and Marinette don't go together too well, do they? No matter how necessary they are! XD

    Oh, and Gabriel is a murderous asshole but we already knew that.

    Also, Nathalie is a completely ice-cold cult-follower who has totally repressed her conscience in the hopeless belief that somehow she'll be able to convince Gabriel to love her more than he does power. Also, once again, we already knew that.

  2. "I'm so hungry and sleepy…"
    "…I want macaroons…"
    "Adrien. I demand macaroons..!"
    Wow now that's a pretty accurate description of me. "I want CHOCOLATE AND COCA-COLA!!"

  3. Спасибо за такой классный комикс 🙂 Даже зная английский на слабом уровне, я понимаю, про что там. Только непонятно, как Габриэль потерял талисман павлина? // Thanks for this cool comics. But I bad know English, I understand all. One question : how Gabriel lost miraculous peacock?

  4. 2:10 Did Gabriel just pushed Marinette on purpose? And Marinette thought that she became clumsy? Marinette it's not your fault.

  5. When she said her career was over because she tripped. I audibly laughed and said 'the f**k'. She's so goddamned dramatic. X'D

  6. Heyyy!!! 0:03 See Adrien's wearing Mari's hat which she gave to him in Chat Blanc….
    Me:Fan girlll screaming OMG OMG OMG….

  7. Marinette: Adrien… I-i Love you…
    Adrien: You only love me because im handsome…
    Marinette: No…Your handsome because I Love You!
    Adrien: Wow… I Love You Too. <3

  8. hey spatziline so is things he knows still going on or has it stopped if i might ask ( the comic dub)(also sorry for asking in the comments truly great video)(also also isnt the peacock miraculous fixed)

  9. Are we all ignoring the fact that Gabriel «I could kill your baby to get my wife back, i don't give a fuck» Agreste just pUSHED MARI DOWN THE STAIRS??

  10. que vien ases tus videos yo ni loca puedo aser eso 😭, jejejejj no vroma pero si eres la mejorr!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩💜💜💜

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