HYPERSONIC RACE! Putin: Russia Always Had To Catch Up With America! USA Now Has To Catch Up With Us!

And now there is a unique situation, I have recently spoken of it at the Defense Ministry. This is the first time in modern Russia. We always had to catch up with our strategic weapons competitors. The first atomic bomb was developed by the Americans. We caught up with them. Then the first strategic aircraft to deliver these weapons were also made by the Americans. We caught up to them, again. The first missiles were developed by the Americans. We still caught up. For the first time, we have created such offensive strike systems that the world has never seen. Now they are chasing after us trying to catch up. This is a unique situation. This has never happened before. I mean, first of all, hypersonic offensive systems, including intercontinental ones. In 2000, slightly over 1,300,000 people served in our army, now – a little more than a million. We increased the share of modern equipment by just 1 percent yearly back then. The share of modern equipment was only 6 percent. And now, do you know how much, do you? Almost 70%. It’s just like Chekhov’s principle, if there is a hypersonic rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter, it will unquestionably go off. That may be true for the theater. Security and political reality are governed by another rule. Do you know which one? It will go off if it is hanging just on one stage. And if a similar rifle is hanging on a stage close by, it is unlikely that anyone near it would want to use it. This is exactly the situation that is called strategic stability and the balance of power. Due to this strategic balance, the world has avoided major military conflicts after World War II. Precisely thanks to this strategic stability and strategic balance. By the way, while developing their anti-ballistic missile system, the Americans wanted to upset this strategic stability and strategic balance thinking that if they created a missile defense umbrella, the other side wouldn’t be able to respond adequately if they use nuclear weapons. However, after having developed these modern systems, including those which easily evade any anti-missile ballistic system, we maintain this strategic stability and strategic balance. It is essential not only for us, but also for global security.

48 thoughts on “HYPERSONIC RACE! Putin: Russia Always Had To Catch Up With America! USA Now Has To Catch Up With Us!”

  1. The US is not going to let itself be vulnerable to Russian or Chinese Hypersonic Missles or gliders. We will catch up and surpass them.

  2. If only Russia could catch up on standards of living. Arresting Gangster politicians. Pulling their economy out of the dumpster. And stop their AIDS epidemic.

  3. Hypersonic doesn’t mean good. It has some serious problems. One is, that hypersonic works only in high altitudes. They are farther away from the target when detected than subsonic misslies. Hypersonic missiles are less manouverable than subsonic ones. The advantage of speed is lost by the need of a bigger attack distance and no option for cruises under the radar. In total they don’t have an advantage. They are as good as their subsonic counterparts unless you take the necessary overdose fuel and additional weight into consideration.

  4. The USA is now a dysgenic cesspit of devolved racial labor. They cannot "catch up" with all the dollars printed in the universe now. You cannot buy intelligence with all the money in the world if the intelligence no longer exists.

  5. This is so stupid…We both have thousands of nuclear missles… You might stop a few, but M.A.D. is still a thing…

  6. Well Russia did lead the way into space and the US had to catch up. So it's not the first time technology-wise

  7. First ICBM was Russian the R7 in 1957.
    First deployable hydrogen bomb was also Russian.
    The U.S. had to play catch up as well…

  8. Thank heavens that God created Russia. God is very merciful that he did that. Otherwise we would have been slaves to the Americans, or Ottomans ,or Hitler.

  9. As long as one considers it a race……that we know is not a real thing….Russia and America allways worked together….the real race is the one AGAINST the NWO/ELITES/ VATICAN….,!! We are fighting the same ennemy…!!

  10. Big question is,why for god's sake they can't get round a table and settle their differences!we all lose when it happens.

  11. What's Russia's official position on likes of 'first contacts' (ie – if aliens appeared), is there a protocol / process for that scenario?

  12. The Russians are not so good in asymmetrical warfare, and deception. Their is no such thing as a fair fight.
    A Chain is As Strong As Its Weakest Link…

  13. Комедия!а как же турецкие дроны?Разворовали Оборону и космос,только мультфильмы показывать осталось

  14. Putin is absolutely right , that only MAD ( and fear of destruction ) has keep a world in peace for so long. Yet another proof that real peace can be only achieved by evil, not by the good. Although in reality the level of military technology is rather low on both sides today .

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