How to Hit a Fastball : How to Hold a Baseball Bat

Hi, my name is Juan Carlos with Expert Village.
Today I’m going to show you how to hit a fastball. In this segment we’re going to demonstrate
how we hold the bat on a typical fastball. Like in other pitches that the batter may
not expect if you are right hander, your control hand will be your left hand that goes on the
bottom. Your right hand is your power hand that goes directly on the top you never want
to leave a gap, you always want to be able to hold the bat together with the knuckles
aligned in order to hold the bat effectively. If you’re a left handed batter, your control
hand is the opposite hand which is your right hand. Your power hand is obviously where you’re
batting from is your left hand holding the knuckles aligned and holding the hands together
as so in order to hold the bat effectively.

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