How to Hit a baseball – Bat Speed Workouts & Drills

Hey guys Jake Stewart here again with powercore 360 normally
we talk about teaching and training with our system on but today we’re all about
performance working with high-level guys that arent worried about the mechanics
anymore we’re not in the teaching piece we’re just trying to show you an
activation piece to increase your ball exit speed and your bat velocity bat speed in
a matter of minutes first thing we’re gonna do is just a
normal pre batting practice routine just gonna hit some balls off a tee to get
loose to kind of pre-test we got a radar gun here to measure ball exit speed and then we’re gonna go through our activation progression turn on all these
muscles and show that the exit speeds hopefully a jump up a little gonna turn on our muscles in this is
really the activation piece that we’re looking for before a game before batting
practice we are gonna take five baseline swing
just to pretest before we activate and turn on all the muscles with resistance bands
just get some exit velocity readings we are going to do our first warm up set resisted on the hip take five reps as fast as we
can turn our hips twenty or thirty seconds to rest in
between sets you can see I’ve moved up from the gold
band to a red band just add a little more resistance now moving on to our third set we’ve added
just a little more resistance again again five reps fast as you can now we have taken the bands off so our hips should come flying through twenty to thirty seconds to rest in between our sets again I’ve gone
up just a little bit resistance do five reps taken the band’s off will do a post
test again five swings how to hit a baseball harder

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