100 thoughts on “How to Get through Airport Security”

  1. Reveal yourself. I am a TSA Official associated with the FBI. You are under arrest for inspiring aspiring terrorists who wish do more harm to the United States that Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump (not that it's possible). You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney. You also have the right to know that I'm actually not a TSA official, but a lonely guy who wants a few likes for this comment. Please do so.

  2. danm thanks for this video! ive been stuck at the airport for months now.. i found no way through the security before i found this video..

  3. I think I get why the tsa was made after September the 11th.. R.I.P those that died. you will never be forgotten. 😥😫😔😭😩😞😖

  4. I REALLY want to bring my Bluetooth speaker, (Sony SRS-X55) but my mom will get charged for having such a heavy luggage! and she's afraid that it will break. but its only 2lbs and is made of metal! how can I bring it as a carry on through security?

  5. 1. Why is there even a video for this? 😂
    2. The graphic of the guy jumping the scanners at the beginning is hilarious! 😂

  6. Someone awnser this for me plz so I’m going to Los Angeles in September and I’m from New Zealand will my phone be checked like a computer

  7. Um this is the dumbest video ever I MEAN! Just get pass security it’s not that hard and wow nine years ago

  8. Just give up your dignity and civil rights

    Once through airport security was enough for me

    I'll give up flying and leaving the country you shouldn't have to check into prison just to travel

  9. LOL this animation 😂😂😂😂😂 also, the guys computer turned out to be some kind of alien weapon??? He was absorbing people or something 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. After a 3 month stay, we flew back from Iceland to JFK. None of us was asked to take off our shoes! This made me nervous! AND, why are people allowed to go through with their tablets and be able to leave their cover attached?? Do they not know that explosives powerful enough to take down a plane CAN be put between the tablet and the attached cover?? TSA needs to be more thorough, and check, and double check people coming in from other countries, whether they have American passports or not!

  11. Why do people have the misconception that we are law enforcement i work for tsa and we are people like you and me . i dont understand the nervousness but i get it . some tsa officers are rude

  12. :Bonus step: If the security people start touching your privates, just leave the airport and find a different mode of transportation to get to where you want to go

  13. I remember when i was around 4-6 and watched these videos for fun, its crazy how much time has passed but I actually just came here for nostalgia

  14. Unfortunately, you don't get to pick which line you want to go to because the security directs you to the lane.

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