How to Create League Tables in SportsPress

Say goodbye to pulling out the calculator
or punching numbers into a spreadsheet. SportsPress creates automated league tables so you know
exactly where your team is in the standings. Let’s go ahead and create a new league table. So we’ll go to Teams, League Tables, Add
New We’ll call this one League Standings. Scroll down and narrow down our teams by selecting
a Competition and Season. As soon as we’ve selected one, we’ll notice that the list
of teams will be narrowed down. Also, our statistics will use whatever statistics
occurred within this competition and season, so it’s very useful when we’re trying
to create archive of our previous seasons. For this league table, let’s go ahead and
select All teams, competitions, and seasons, and click Publish. So now the teams are here, the radio boxes
on the side is used to highlight a particular team. We can click to select, and click again
to unselect it. Let’s select the ThemeBoy Troopers team
and click update to see what highlighting a team will do to our league table. So let’s go to view this league table, we’ll
notice that this team has been highlighted in a different color and has been bolded.
If we know some CSS, we can change the way our team is highlighted by adding our own
styling. Let’s go in and edit the league table again,
so let’s say for this league table we don’t want to show Goal Difference and some other
values. We’ll uncheck these boxes and update. Now the league table doesn’t show those
columns anymore and is a much simpler league table. Now let’s say that one team had points added
or deducted, at the top of the League Table section, there is this section with Values
and Adjustments. Click on the Adjustments and it will take us to a table that is almost
identical to the league table but the values are all zeroes. So let’s add an adjustment here, let’s
take away one point form ThemeBoy Troopers so just type in -1 to deduct a point, and
we can also add a positive number to give teams additional points and click update. SO what this does, is by adding a number in
the adjustments section will affect the values in the league table section. ThemeBoy Troopers originally had 5 points,
but by adding a -1 in the adjustments table, this table should now reflect that change
and give ThemeBoy Troopers 4 points. View the league table and we’ll see that
reflected here. These columns that be clicked to order them
using the different columns. This is a setting that we can turn on or off in the general
settings page under SportsPress. Also, we’ll notice that these numbers are
all greyed which means that they’ve been auto calculated from the events or are taken
directly from the team’s settings. Because these are auto calculated, we might
need to make the occasional adjustments if we’ve missed an event or we just don’t
want to auto calculate. We can just override these values by typing
directly into the boxes, and click update. We can leave some values as auto and some
as the values we’ve manually entered. Go ahead and update the league table and view
to see how it looks now.

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