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I’m Mike O’Day. I’m the senior director of tactical operations at MLB Advanced media MLB Advanced media is a full-service solution provider delivering World Class 10 years and disturbing contactor all forms of interactive meeting I responsible for the 24-7 operations team that monitors are Webb mobile and screaming infrastructure for 4 years and I’m really excited how we Brown we run the leading and sometimes bleeding edge of digital content distribution of challenges in front of us and solving problems really makes the job enjoyable I’m really excited about the capability and width of our infrastructure we’re literally setting the standards for video distribution that others are following the culture in MLB collaborative from forward-thinking and energized I feel like we operate like a startup but with the security of a large 1200 company being aware problems that have been drawn having as quickly as possible as a great benefit it allows us to put the bypass around me the problem and stop a minimal impact our business a perfect example for our environment would be protecting emerging Transit call to the content delivery Network really focused here on live content delivery so having infrastructure that’s happy and healthy up and running is very important emerging problems are outages gives us the ability to manage the distribution platform in a way that consumer has not impacted in the operations team one of the biggest challenges is keeping the signal-to-noise ratio low the classic monitoring problem is avoiding the boy that cried wolf scenario by really weeding out what is a problem and what is a real problem this coupled with a very Dynamic products such as live streaming of the ever-changing endpoint requirements compose challenges when trying to standardize how we want things externally they cancelled the requirement of rapidly deploying easy to use external checks for our environment includes DNS HTTP API in XML in point check web web Fender availability XML structure DNS availability and SMTP availability we also close when the Great features of kingdom is allow us to share metrics with our partners without exposing our internal monitoring to them

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