How Baseball Rebellion Uses the Spinball Pitching Machine

Hey guys Chas Pippitt here and I’m going to
talk a little bit about the Spinball 3 Wheel Pitching Machine and how we
use it to help stress the pattern of our baseball athletes just like we do our
softball athletes. So what obviously with the baseball machine and as far back as
we have this thing it’s going to be hard for me to give like a throwing motion
and allow the hitter to to gather themselves and actually load, so the way
we do it here at Baseball Rebellion is we’ll have the ball here and I’d
obviously have a screen in front of me and I’m just going to go all the way up
and all the way down okay. That smooth motion must be repeated over and
over and over so that the pitcher and the hitter can get in sync and give the
pitcher or excuse me, the hitter some time to actually gather and load. Now one of
the things that we’ve started to do once a hitter is very comfortable with that
timing is we’ll actually start to throw change ups in the mix okay. So instead of
messing with the actual machine, what we do instead is we’ll go here hold for a
quarter second and then drop. That’s going to get the hitter on to their
front leg and allow us to mix fast balls like this with change ups whenever we
want, but we know because we haven’t actually messed with the speed of the
pitch we’ve just messed with the timing and
the posture of the hitter. If the hitter can be strong through their posture
against a machine with variable timing, they’re much more likely to do that in a

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