Gun Jesus with a Chiappa Holy Trinity! (Halloween Shotgun Match)

I am the way and the light, except occasionally the light is muzzle flash Alright, shooter ready. Jesus ready! Stand by! *beep* Blessed is the ammo can of Antioch! Alright, that’s all I am gonna have time to shoot. I have been thinking about peace, but I decided to try a more violence based approach today. Hurry *beep* Time! Aaaahhhh! Aminus Dominus, Keep TAPCO off of us! *beep* Aaaahhhh Damn You! Smite that one! Aaahhhhhgg! Get behind me Satan! Oooohhooohhh! Blessed is the power! You had a miracle jesus! It was the holy double! Woohoo! Jesus! *beep* Good Shootin’ ! Alright unload your… Shooter ready. Ready! Stand by! *beep* Jesus ex machina! Hurry! *beep* Time! Your Own…
Alright Shooter ready. Personal… Jesus! Stand by! *beep* Some to hear to your prayer! Some one who shares! Your own… Personal… Jesus! Someone to hear your prayers, someone whose there… Boomdidadum deedadumm badada doom babadaa When at home and you’re all alone Flesh and bones by the telephone Pick up the receiver, I’ll make you a believer! buhdeedadoom buhdeedadoom buhdeedadoom buhdeedadoom Your own… Personal… Jesus! Hallelujah! Someone to hear your prayers Someone you cares… Shotguns! Your own… Boomstick… Jesus! Someone to feel the gauge someone to rage badoom badoom badoom… babom babom bombom, babom babom bombom, babom babom bombom, babom babom bombom come on! Don’t fail me now! Aaaahhh! You’re failing me now! We need the Bejesus miracle!
I have faith! The miracle of the spinner! The Gospel of the Gauge, Jesus!
One more! One more! Go go go! *laughter*
Load! Load! Load! *beep* Time! Aaaahhhgg! Oooohhh
Boo! *heavy sigh* Alright, Shell clear, clear, muzzle up. I have chosen…. poorly… *laughter* I’m shooting an original Winchester model 1887, lever action shotgun in 12 gauge. They came in ten and twelve. And it’s from the first year of production! A high grade gun! Fire in the hole Boys! Can’t see anything! *beep* Over!
Got it! Bless you, my child, for taking Saint Browning into your life! With thine Holy Black! Indeed, with thine Holy Black. Shiny! Let’s be bad guys! That does not look like Vera. It’s a replacement. hhmm Best I got right now. One time, apparently, about a gazillion men came to kill you. This is…
I think this is where I get Vera. After I kill all these men. Couldn’t see, so I just kept shootin’ ! Hurry hurry hurry! *beep*
Aaaahh! Nice! Look at that! 20.0! Nice!
I made it?
Yeah, 20.0. Stay thirsty my friends!

100 thoughts on “Gun Jesus with a Chiappa Holy Trinity! (Halloween Shotgun Match)”

  1. 13th is pretty good considering you were using a break action shot gun and everyone else was using semi, pump, or lever.

  2. This just shows up so I decide to watch.

    If I wasn’t already a ridiculously huge fan of Ian, 9:20 sure would have put me there.

  3. Person questioning the Bible, “ so what does Jesus do with those they don’t believe in him? “
    * shotgun racks
    Shotgun Jesus,” wanna find out?”

  4. Can we also agreed that if Jesus had used forced to drive the Romans out of Israel 🇮🇱 this is how he would’ve done it

  5. That's what Jesus is going to look like during the Apocalypse when he comes back to slaughter all the demons and kick satan's ass

  6. Careful, you could be seen as mocking Jesus. You may feel if it is just being uptight. You may be right, We worship Jesus as God. We know you didn't mean it that way. Please be respectful of your position and ours. Pray for peace but keep you powder dry.

  7. For some reason it makes me very happy inside to know that Ian just embraced the whole 'Gun Jesus' meme and decided to have a little fun with it. Being able to laugh and poke fun at yourself a bit is the sign of an intelligent, happy and balanced individual.

  8. My neighbors must have thought I had gone insane, I was laughing so hard. I nearly PMSL, especially at the “I have chosen… unwisely” bit…

  9. david guess who i am sitting here dressed as. ill give you a hint. he has the power of flight, he heals leopards.

  10. I will follow U Father.. Except U do need a Tan on those Holy Chicken Legs..😂😂 And I think You’re gonna owe Depeche Mode Some $$$, And a The TeleTubbies Have Let Themselves go..And I’ve always known that Elvis Lives

  11. The Christian side of me feels shame for laughing. But the jokes and puns are great😂😂😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  12. We actually did a similar thing in my local outdoor range on Halloween 2018. Not exclusively shotguns but a three seperate matches consisting of shotgun, Rimfire, and black powder. I choose to only participate in the Shotgun because my BLR was in the shop to have the seer spring replaced and I do not dabble in black powder. So, what costume did I choose? Ash J Williams from Evil Dead 2. Simplest costume I've ever done. Blue cotton button up shirt, blue jeans, duct tape and white cloth. Showed up with my full length first year production Parker Brothers Vulcan Steel 12 GA SxS and came in second place literally one handed. Speed and reload don't really play a factor when your competition is skeet shooting and accuracy.

  13. Two observations.
    1. The telly tubby guy leans too far forward into his gun. How does that work out in practical terms ?
    2. The bearded guy in the grey suit jacket seems like 'the real deal'

  14. Blessed is he who comes in the name of H&K who teaches us to blast our enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy

    Browning 30-06

  15. Did somebody heared Ian's voice through the rattling of the box, in the beginning of the clip and after explaining the light, occasional muzzleflash??

    Blessed is he …. ?
    My biblical knowledge is a minimun, so that doesnt help either.

    Praised be jesus!!
    Greetings from the Netherlands

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