G.O.A.T. Match 1 Winner: Ken Jennings | JEOPARDY!

– [Alex] And that means that Ken Jennings has won the first match. What a game, what a way to start. – Congratulations, Ken, the
first match goes to you. How does it feel to have
earned that first victory? – It’s a really good feeling. It’s a real feeling of
relief considering that I was playing Brad and James who had never lost a tournament game like this. I mean, when I talked to my
wife on the phone last night, I said I wanna win one,
that’s my goal for day one. And yeah, mission accomplished. – First match under your
belt, how are you feeling? – You know I think that game really
showed how hard it is to win when you uncover none
out of six Daily Doubles. I played my best out there, but, fortune was not on my
side and Ken played great, so obviously, and boy those two are tough. – With this new format,
this new set, everything, was there anything that surprised you? – Not really, like these guys are quick and it’s gonna be whoever
gets hot on the buzzer. And hopefully in the coming
games, that’ll be me.

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