Flabby Arms and Bat Wings? How to Hide Them with Style!

Join us today for fashion tips over 50 how do we make our arms not look flabby? and we’re back for another segment with Scarlett of Bease, Scarlett thanks for saying over! we are right at the cusp of you know starting to change our wardrobe for summer and it gets a little scary this time of year do we wear that sleeveless look or not, what advice do you have for us in that regard? okay so this is a big deal because I would say 9 out of 1 women I work with do not like their arms they don’t want to show their arms they don’t want to wave hello or goodbye to anybody as I made a joke with you at one point, that some women would rather go topless and show their arms they really hate their arms, you know because your breasts stay they stay they keep better than your arms yeah the arms go pretty fast, unless we’re like really really into the gym stuff you know and then have Michelle Obama’s arms we’re not you know it’s a tough call and I have to say this time of year is rough but even in the winter now they they sell a lot of sleeveless shirts yeah in the winter, there’s no longer this time period where it okay once it gets warm get to go sleeveless it’s hard to find sleeves any time of year terrible it’s really bad so the thing is that you want to find sheer things that you can wear for one thing, so if you go to wear like a tank, like you have on like a tank kind of style yeah I was hesitant to to wear it or not especially when you’re here, your arms are good but you might not like showing your arms because I mean there are women who have great arms and they don’t want to want to show because they they think that they look bad and they really don’t but, it’s difficult, it’s about perception yeah and how that makes you feel right that’s that’s all that really matters, is how you feel so like I threw this on this little shear you can see through it kind of top, it’s very pretty, but it’s just enough to you know cover my upper arms so that I feel better about my arms the other thing is that I want to stay avoid t-shirt type of sleeves Oh really, they stop at the widest part and make your arms look wider you maybe happy that something is contained you’re actually going to look bigger you know, that’s a big thing also be careful that you’re not wearing bras that are too tight because then things are going to start billowing over and that’s going to make your upper part look a little yeah meaty and also think about the cold … what’s it called the cold shoulder now is a really really big style, is that the one that’s where they have the peekaboo shoulder yeah so when you have a cold shoulder you’re covered up here and then you’re covered right on that fleshy part and then that meaty part up here which is more muscular it looks great okay can be good you have to try it at any age can wear this now and as you can also do like scarves you know sheer sheer scarves for the warmer weather and you can drape that over your shoulders too, you know its kind of funny we were at a black-tie wedding in Florida last year and my husband leaned over to me and said look at all the ladies wearing shawls over their shoulders like he had he was clueless why so many women had like these pretty shawls … and the other thing is that you want to again I am as I said earlier about you know taking the eyes way to the butt you want to take your eyes away from the shoulders then do something around your face whether it’s great earrings or necklace you know bring bring the attention up here and then you won’t be worried about this and I also want to say that women have to like make a movement and I and I really urge this when you go into a store and your shopping and you’re struggling to find tops that you know cover up the arms talk to the store manager, talk to the buyer whoever you can get a hold of and say would you I need more that covers up my arms because it’s really we don’t speak up we’re not going to get it, no I mean I really want them to speak up you know about this, it’s a really a big problem, who get’s a thumbs up from you for in terms of a manufacturer about you know more catering to more of maybe our vintage but in a very you know in a good way well I’m a big fan of a line called Nic and Zoe’s at Nick and Zoe’s okay Nic N I C and then Zoe … she named it after her children and she’s from Boston actually and she created a line of clothes that I have, every one of my clients I think for her because what her designs do is they actually are the patterns are done such a way that it can create some waistline I love her stuff she should only know how much I love her stuff, and so I’m actually the top I have on now is now that you mention it, is a Nic and Zoe top and I’m not going to stand up because I don’t really want to, but the patterns are all very very very perfect, I think it’s really important so when you are in the store say, hey come on what the heck is going on here you know I need something for my arms they’re gonna listen to you because they want you to buy, they don’t want you to walk out, you know, tell them Scarlett sent me to talk to you I have her styling system here I’ll change my number, you have more about arms and you know on your online system so tell us about that again? so I created a course of 12 videos that you can watch on demand on your own pick what you want it could be about colors how to make, your how to get rid of the muffin top your waist line on what underwear to wear what shoes to wear how to make your body how to dress now after you had a baby even though the baby might already be in college, so okay that’s more to our audience, it’s really not just for people who just had a baby it’s actually titled if your baby is driving, and what to do about accessories accessories are an incredible way to bring life and personality and creativity to your wardrobe it doesn’t cost a fortune to get something at Target for instance and just add a little color and what to do to make your own eyes be able to see what works for you and what doesn’t work for you well in our next segment we are going to you know come back and talk about color which you just brought up and be sure you do check out Scarlett’s system because she is just as funny there she is here your pleasure to watch she had me cracking up so check it out and, I’m a little little quirky okay, Scarlett thank you for the tips about our arms and we’ll see you on the next segment talking about color, see you in the sec! 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2 thoughts on “Flabby Arms and Bat Wings? How to Hide Them with Style!”

  1. This is so true! Finding tops with longer "short" sleeves is next to impossible. They either stop below the elbow (too hot for summer), or they stop mid arm (does not cover enough). Would love to find a store that specializes in sleeves for bat wings 😊.

  2. Hate shawls, I feel like old mother hubbard. We need more cool pretty dresses and tops with sleeves. Manufacturers make more money by creating two pieces to sell and playing on women's insecurities I.e. Sleeveless dress and shrugs rather than offering more dresses with sleeves

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