(Eng) 8가지 아웃핏🧥 플리스 돌려입기(ft.MLB 후리스)|THESUZY 더수지

okay! Hey everyone!
Today i’m here with a fashion video . I recently put up my vlog of my shoot at Shanghai I picked some of the clothes I liked during the shoot and
MLB gave them to me! so.. today’s video will be the model’s review of the clothes worn for the shoot MLB this season came out with a bunch of variety of fleeces a whole lot of colors and designs i’m sure that a lot of you have the same concern as me when buying clothes which is..
practicality “oh this is so cute”
“but i don’t think i can pull it off” “i have nothing to match this” there’s a lot of clothes that we think is cute but don’t end up buying . so i’ll try to give off some advice! the first item I chose is this SWEATSHIRT if you look closely it’s made of fleece first it’s super warm and when you put it on it’s super cute I wore the skyblue color at the Shanghai shoot but that color is sold out i matched a super casual look with jeans and pair of converse if you add this it looks super put together its a basic and casual sweatshirt but you can style it up to look more stylish i wore this hat like this because of the sunglasses but wearing it like this looks cooler for this sweatshirt i’m sure there were a few that thought “that’s not my style” probably few are short like me but if you wear it like this that comes down to the hip you can wear something super short to make your legs look longer you may think.. how can you wear that in the winter no worries
wear a pair of long boots like this if you match with long boots it makes the sweatshirt look cuter and can make the look more stylish i matched the boots and the bag the skirt has black in it too and has ivory in it too so even matching the colors well makes you look even more stylish my second pick is this ANORAK the outside is a nylon-y vibe and the inside is a fleece it’s super soft i wore a different color at Shanghai i wanted to style it differently while i was at the shoot too so here i am in this video showing you it came out super over-sized if its super cold
i think you can even layer a knit under to be honest even just wearing this is hot and inside i wore a lace tank the design/item itself has a sporty vibe to it so this kind of lace item is actually a bit far from sporty but matching it with this anorak it kind of brings these polar opposites together i rolled up these pants if its rolled up too well it doesn’t look that cool so you gotta make it look rough who wouldve thought an anorak could be dressy? but now it’s dressy don’t i look dressed up? i kept the inner lace layer and wore shorts for bottoms when you have it on having it super formal like this doesn’t look cool so expose a shoulder like you just threw it on show off your shoulder line i couldve just not worn a belt but this had a gold point to it and accents my waist and makes my legs look super long so here’s my dressy look what do you think everyone? it looks like a completely different item from what i wore at the Shanghai photoshoot i think these kind of basic items you can style so many ways out of all the MLB fleece lines they came out with this season i think this item you can match with ANYTHING and you’ll still look stylish out of these designs this color i’ve never seen a bright red fleece like this the minute i saw it i thought it was so cute the red color can come off a bit strong i matched a bold animal print leggings with it to keep it all in unison my hat is also a leather type hat i learned this in college but when youre styling , make sure you don’t match more than 3 colors to be honest lately, people match all sorts of colors now its very different now from the old days but “i don’t dress well”but i also “don’t want to dress bad” those who think this way
i recommend to not match over 3 colors right now i’m matching black, white and red these 3 colors are it even if youre not dressed super well as long as youre just matching 3 colors keeps the overall look put together i love this outfit it’s like… a freshman kind of look what do you think? for inner i didn’t really do anything special its a super average tshirt and shorts but this outer is already a stand out so even if i just throw this on it looks put together i added this animal print mini bag i think this red and this pattern goes super well and they say this season trend is western boots they say you’ll see alot of these this season i urge you guys to try it too when you’re wearing a oversized outer like this its good to wear a inner that accentuates your waist so wearing a high-waist like this makes your legs look longer and you look a bit more stylish i think i love mix-and-match outfits this kind of lovely girly dress who matches a varsity jacket like this? just wearing this dress you may feel “oh that’s not my look” if you mix and match like this i think you can pull it off it doesn’t look that girly right? adding a bold boots like this its even patent leather so its super bold matching these shoes and this dress kind of balances each other out this jacket is a reversible jacket it may sound a bit like a curse word (korean) you can wear it inside-and-out you can flip this and wear this as the outer i’ll show my second look with this side its a super versatile jacket if you have one of these youre basically set for the winter the fleece jacket you just saw is flipped inside and out seems like a completely different outfit right? a lot of reversible jackets tend to not have pockets on the inside so when you flip it out it looks bad so even if they sell it as a reversible you tend to just wear one layer this both layers just look like an outer it’s really 1 item 2 styles out of all of these if i were to just buy one i’d buy this one this jacket as well to get rid of the sporty vibe i wore a item with lace details to it all of these items the tone is similar all of them are a bit toned down even if they’re all different colors it all goes together so here are all the outfits i’ve put together today there were a lot of you that requested fashion videos from me if you comment below and tell me what kind of styling videos you want to see i’ll definitely consider your opinions for my next video! it’s super cold now please be careful to not catch a cold lets meet wearing fleeces! i bought these pants a while ago and i gained weight so its super tight this is a bit like the hipsters these days the minute i saw it “thats mine” this is super noisy

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  1. 영상에서도 언급했지만 여러분 보고싶으신 패션영상 스타일 댓글로 의견 많이주세요💙🧡 저는 이번 영상같은 아이템 특징별 혹은 브랜드별 돌려입기 시리즈도 좋을것같은데 어때요! 🤔
    덧붙여 말씀드리자면! 패션에는 정답이 없다는거 이미 다들 아시죠?? 제가 영상에서 보여드린 스타일링도 그저 조금의 조언이라고만 생각해주시고 재미로 봐주셨으면 좋겠습니다! ❤️

  2. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ이번 영상 재밌고 너무 귀여워욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 근데 진짜 이번에 mlb옷들 너무 예뻐요ㅜㅠ 감탄…

  3. 저는 점점 추워지니까 겨울 아우터 코디 방법이나 패딩은 다들 여러 개씩 안 사니까 패딩 돌려입기…?

  4. ارجوك أضفي الترجمه العربيه 😭💞💞

    Please add arabic translation😭💞

    아랍어 번역을 넣어주세요🥺😭💞💞

  5. 롱부츠의 계절이 다가왔으니 롱부츠코디 올려주면 넘 좋을것같아요!!!이번 영상에 롱부츠 코디 많이 나와서 좋았어요😍

  6. 수지님 아직 혼자 편집하시나요? 편집센스가 너무 좋아서요ㅋㅋ 패션센스는 말할것도 없고😍
    이제 니트의 계절인데 니트하울이나 니트코디 영상같은거 보고싶어요~

  7. Please make a leather leggings lookbook for clubbing and parties etc. I was thinking crop tops like my long sleeve red matte crop top or even a pleather tube top but is that too much pleather?? If yes what heels or booties etc i subbed

  8. 그냥 매일 일상룩? 영상 보고싶어요!! 맨날 나갈때마다 찍은거 모음집이요!!!
    오늘도 너무 잘보고 갑니당!!~ 너무 패션 멋져요!! 언닌 이뻐요!!!!😆💕

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