Cuban Organic Farm in Viñales + Jungle Hike to a Bat Cave!

On this beautiful sunny day, we continue our exploration of the Valley of Viñales in rural Cuba. This valley presents a good example of Cuban wilderness. We admired its mountainous landscape, dating back from the dinosaur era. Which is today covered in lush and thick vegetation. We’re going to climb all these stairs (hike towards Cueva de la Vaca) High in the valley, in direction of the Cow Cave. Where are we now? The Cow Cave. What is that? Looks like a tomb! Oh my gosh… Is it the cow’s tomb? 😉 Oh my goodness, there are bats here! Oh these sounds are coming from them, right? Do you hear them? I saw them flying! Gab, they can’t do anything to us, can they? Gab!! We’re scared so we’re leaving. Well no… We’re leaving because it’s starting to get a bit spooky (actually, we came back the next day. Coming up!) So, here is Raul Reyes’ organic counter. He sells cigars made out of the tobacco that he grows… There are guavas, bananas, tamarind, hot peppers… Coffee that he grows and toasts himself, handmade honey which he makes out of wild flowers… There are potatoes, sapote (one of my favorite fruit!) And succulent cherimoyas. Vegan paradise, you know! Maya: Here is the counter of…
Raúl: Raúl Reyes’ organic counter. That’s me.
(WARNING: bad audio in the next 20 sec.) And here we cultivate lots of produce. But they are more than 35 different ones. It depends on the season. Yep. The honey is natural. Not from the box. It’s from the bees that live in the mountains over there. This is my coffee which I produce, I have coffee plantations over here and in the mountains. Thank you Raúl! Is it tasty, Maya? I think we haven’t seen you eating a cherimoya since the first Peru episode. I haven’t had a cherimoya since Peru! And also look at how different this one is. It’s more yellow. Yellow/Brown And I’m eating it by the spoonful like so… And I end up with this big spoonful of creamy goodness. Raúl is so chill, seriously. He’s just chill. Gab’s reaction to a Cuban cherimoya. Okay wait, let’s look at the inside. It’s literally just sweet custard. It’s CUSTARD, my friends!! This is Raúl’s chilled out farm. That little shadow is Maya eating sapo… Uhm, not sapote…What is it again? Guava? Oh yes, cherimoya! The “Finca Organica Raúl Reyes”. Cuban Piña Colada! It’s pineapple juice from his plantations, coconut milk made from the coconuts he grows… And also there’s Cuban rum in here and he added some cinnamon. I’ve never seen cinnamon on a piña colada. But let’s taste it! It’s delicious! Oh my god, it’s so good! Oh damn, this is what a real piña colada tastes like? But it doesn’t really taste like pineapple. Yes it does!! I’m going to drink this every day. (This is the guy that led us to Yiyo el Guajiro (previous episode) Later that evening… We made some rice with turmeric and paprika. And we have some special Cuban sweet potatoes with tomato sauce on them. And Gab is adding a bit of salt. We have nutritional yeast for a bit of a “cheesy” taste. We have tamari sauce and habanero sauce. All of these we bought in Mexico. So uhm… Bon appétit! Our host, Anaissy’s husband… He brought us this juice. It’s made with orange syrup. It’s very tasty and seriously, it was just so nice of him. He saw we were having dinner and he brought it to us. And I don’t know… Cuban people are so generous. It’s so refreshing, the Cuban hospitality! And it really warms my heart to meet Cubans that are so generous and that don’t really want anything in return. You know, they’re just kind because they naturally have kind hearts. We’re going to fetch some drinking water the Cuban way, with Yiyo el Guajiro! And yeah, we brought our huge 5 litre bottle. Here is the Cuban way, this is it. That’s exactly it. It’s pouring out of this gigantic tank. We’re going to pay him a few pesos. The cheapest water we’ve found in Cuba. Yeah, the cheapest water we’ve bought all year! So Yiyo is helping us find a guy who’s going to rent us some bikes for tomorrow. The type of street signs they have here in Viñales. A guy on his tractor and his farmer hat. And a guy on his horse carriage. SUBSCRIBE 🙂 LEAVE US A COMMENT! THANKS

15 thoughts on “Cuban Organic Farm in Viñales + Jungle Hike to a Bat Cave!”

  1. I really like the look of rural Cuba, especially Vinales. The stairs look quite steep and the tomb a little creepy!

  2. Going to Cuba is goals for us! I can listen to you guys talk in French all day.
    Wow, that fruit was interesting. Never seen anything like it. Looked tasty!
    Hopefully we meet one day and we teach each other French and Spanish! Much love. Keep grindin'.

  3. Why is it called Cow Cave? is that where Cowman's headquarter is? like Bat Cave? never had a cherimoya before. that juice looks so gooood!!

  4. Hi thank you so much for sharing the scenery looks so beautiful i'm not saying too many videos about Cuba also the food looks delicious

  5. The bats flying out of the cave was awesome, but I understand why it would be spooky!! Unusual fruit – I've never seen it before. Lovely to hear about the Cuban hospitality 🙂

  6. Has to watch this Vinales video after seeing your last one. Recognized some of the streets. I missed out on the fruit you guys were eating. Wish I would have tried it while I was there. piña coladas were amazing there!

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