Crowd Chants “Lock Him Up” At Trump During World Series Game 5

100 thoughts on “Crowd Chants “Lock Him Up” At Trump During World Series Game 5”

  1. Not a fan of him as a world leader, but this is just a bit too harsh. Don't know what I would do if they were chanting towards me instead.

  2. No coverage of the Nats visit to the white house today I'm sure because that didn't turn out the way Colbert and the left wanted.

  3. Everyone is falling all over themselves because he was being booed at a Nationals game. NEWSFLASH, DC is predominately Democrat. Would be like Obama going to Alabama and getting booed. Get over yourselves Kool Aid drinkers. Can’t wait to see you bumbling fools whining for another 5 years. Y’all give us conservatives so much entertainment.

  4. If Trump says something like this " all in my power I will have the opposing team forfeit the match and allowed the national to win the whole world series" people would be chanting " dont lock him up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Of course Democrats have the right. I'm a life long Democrat. The booing is fine with me, but I oppose lock him up even for Trump. In a Democracy that type of hooliganism should be left to Republican hooligans. The Legal Process should deal with Trump, or if not that, the 2020 Election. Not that, Election 2024. We are a Democracy, not a tin horn mess.

  6. 💥What do you expect in liberal land Washington DC a big cesspool of sore loser democrats. When you get out of the cesspool Washington DC President Trump is loved by conservative America He will be re-elected in 2020.

  7. 💥What do you expect in liberal land Washington DC a big cesspool of sore loser democrats. When you get out of the cesspool Washington DC President Trump is loved by conservative America He will be re-elected in 2020.

  8. Nationals player put on MAGA cap when Nationals visited the White House you know White Racist Liberals can't stand that

  9. I hope trump supporters will wake up and realize that just because we hate trump doesn’t mean we hate you. I love all my fellow Americans and I hope we can rise up above our differences and work together again. This buffoon needs to go!!! America deserves better!!

  10. I'm sorry would someone please tell me coz I'm not an American. Was that singing with the subtitles shown at the end of the video real or fake ? Did that really happen during the match ?

  11. Did you see that lot at the White House sucking up to the big orange baby traitor? 🤮 One even lowered his IQ 50% by putting on one of those MAGA trucker caps. Twat.

  12. Colbert viewers chant lock him up a big news after 1000days of anti trump propaganda by no talent guy

  13. Trump has been a horrible, rotten President. He is cutting Medicare and Medicaid. He is cutting services for retired people and people with disabilities. He is stealing children from their parents and putting them in camps. He is raising taxes and making them unaffordable. He is bankrupting the country so he can build his Hoover Dam sized wall, when there is already a wall at the Mexico border. Trump would do better working at Popeye's Chicken.

  14. Bunch of dumb liberal Democrat Nazis they should be out of our country not somebody that cares about our country and that is working for the good of the people and gives us check away on top of that he doesn't have to be doing this job he could go back to that other job but he knows our country needs help and he's willing to do it so f*** you guys talking s***

  15. I can bearly imagine the pain when u think urself so powerfull after been an american president and people made u look like a fool ! Whoosshh🥴

  16. No lame jokes of the Nationals at the White House? It was Great seeing a sports team that love & respect USA more than China! 😂

  17. I'm surprised no one threw a hot dog at him…I know I would. Hell he'll probably spin it as "People love me so much they give me free hot dogs."

  18. I love president trump ,we need more American patriots ..he loves America and he fights for America every day for free !! Look at our economy he's the best man for the job.Trump 2Q2Q

  19. The men and women who serve our country: everyone cheers with patriotic shouts
    Pres. Trump: TaKE hiM oUT oF tHE ofFicE!

  20. Hillary is responsible for deaths in Benghazi knowing about the attacks and not reporting it. Yes, she admitted it. If she and her rapist husband don't have to go to jail, then neither should Trump.

  21. Even the Nazis had enough class to applaud Jesse Owens on the day of his victory(just like trumps/our ISIS victory that day).
    You guys are all proud of being less mature than Nazis? LOL guess Colbert is Fuhrer now huh.
    Liberals are dumb.

  22. What a disrespect to our president.If I was a fan of baseball I would never step foot in that arena again.These people should be privileged that we are a free country and that they are not put away from their speech and hatred.If you hate him so much go to another country till trump leaves office because He is staying whether you like it or not.

    Go trump 2020

    Give them 4 more years of greatness make America not only great but make america proud

  23. Whether booed at or not nobody will forget Trump's reign.
    Maybe they can impeach him but all I believe is that Trump never was a politician.doing a lot of things opposite got those who were using people to make gains before trumps reign sick. But if not impeach and goes ahead to win the upcoming election, then I've got to say sorry to a whole lot of people

  24. Wow People have no respect for president ,first lady much less the parent and the elderly…american are very fucked up people…. contaminated of what come out of there mouths…embrassimg to be american now a days teaching and raising kids to be like idiots an fools. Watch the gov't bring am natual disaster to washington…with there new tech of climate control🤣🤣🤣 earthquake and floods 🤣🤣🤣

  25. I think that Trump is a F—ing joke to this country as a president. Obama did a better job @ running the country then Trump is doing right now.

  26. I can't stop watching this it's the best ever maybe this would wake him up into reality "orangutan trump" welcome to the real world you and your wife are not as loved as the Obama's so stop trying to be better than them it's not going to work

  27. Lyrics:

    Take Him Out Of The Office
    Drag Him Out If You Must
    Go Back To Trump Steaks and Lousy Hotels
    Please take Eric and Junior As Well
    We All Root Root Root For Impeachment
    If Trump's Not Removed it's Insane
    For It's One Term Is More Than Enough You're A Shame Shame SHAME!!!

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