Coaching Baseball : How to Determine a Baseball Bat Size

Hey, I’m Mike and I’m here to show you today
how to determine how large a bat is. When you look at your bat, there’s first a number
of things that you need to look at, the height, weight, length, and the diameter of the barrel.
First we’re going to talk about the length of the bat. Many times the length of the bat
is very important, due to the fact that there are regulations on the weight to length differential
in many leagues. If the length of the bat is thirty four inches, in many instances,
such as high school, it will have to be minus three, so the weight will automatically be
a thirty one. And, if you look on the barrel right here, it will show you that the bat
is thirty four inches. As with many bats, the length will be located in the same area,
as well as the weight. Second, the weight, you need to decide, should be located near
the length measurement and is important for bat control. You need to take into consideration,
how heavy the bat is when you’re buying a bat for the player. Also, the diameter of
the barrel is important when deciding what kind of bat you’re going to buy, because different
leagues use different diameter barrels, and this is how you decide how big your bat is.

2 thoughts on “Coaching Baseball : How to Determine a Baseball Bat Size”

  1. Is this guy serious? He doesn't know how to even talk to the camera, and he barely even knows what he is talking about. Not even an interesting speaker…waste of peoples time to watch this guy, who really isn't teaching anyone anything at all.

  2. Hi, I like your video. My son is 5ft 5in tall & he weighs about 105 lbs. What length & weight is good for him. Barrel size, well his coach uses a 2 5/8's size and I would like to purchase a bat which he can use for middle school & high school. Currently he plays for 12 & under league but he transfer to middle school next spring. Do you have any suggestions?

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