Coaching Baseball : How to Buy a Baseball Bat

Hey I’m Mike and I’m going to tell you how
to buy a baseball bat today. When you’re trying to buy a baseball bat you need to think about
the age of your, the player that is going to buy that bat. For the different age groups
there are different requirements as far as the length and the weight differences for
different leagues you have to meet those requirements. So before you go into the store or online
to buy your bat you need to contact your coach and ask him what the requirements of the league
he or she plays in. When you look at the bat the length is going to be written down on
the barrel as well as the weight. Also, the barrel diameter will also be indicated on
the bat. There are many different places that you can purchase a bat from, you can purchase
your bat from a local sporting goods store or you can purchase bats online, mostly at
a cheaper rate. Also, there are magazines such as Baseball Express or eBay that you
can purchase those bats from and also remember that the cheaper the bat doesn’t mean the
better. Sometimes the expense that you’ll pay on the bat will pay dividends for the
longevity that you’ll use it. And this is how you buy a bat.

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