CGRundertow MLB SLUGFEST 20-03 for Xbox Video Game Review

Midway’s NFL Blitz is one of the most memorable
sports franchises around. While Madden and the 2K games were busy trying to one-up the
other in terms of realism, NFL Blitz took the opposite approach and focused on making
an arcade-style football game with tons of violence and humor, but Blitz wasn’t the
only sports game Midway made. No, they also had NHL Hitz, Redcard and their own baseball
game, and it’s just as over-the-top as you might expect. This is MLB Slugfest 20-03 for
the Xbox. The best way to describe this game is that
if baseball was stripped of all honor and dignity and was then replaced with hilarious
hits and super-human players¸ this is what you’d come up with. The game does have every
MLB team, although the Nationals were still the Expos for a few more years after this
came out. Teams are also ranked in a very extreme way, with the Pirates, as bad as they’ve
been over the last 20 years, having about a quarter of the attributes of the Yankees
or Diamondbacks. Although this is technically a baseball game,
you really have to throw everything out the window when it comes to actually getting hits
or making outs. Now, I’ve been playing a lot of baseballs sims lately, and I’m used
to working the count and getting a good pitch to hit. You can’t do that here at all. Definitely
turn down the difficulty to begin with, or you’re going to get shelled like me. But
anyway, as a hitter, you have access to a power or contact swing, as well as a bunt,
and as a pitcher you have four pitches and the option to bean the batter. There’s never
a pitch thrown that the batter can’t hit, and this definitely fits with the arcade style.
It does make it a little frustrating though, especially when you’re used to painting
the corners. Of course, the draw of this game is that you
can punch other players in the face, hit them so hard with the ball that they have to crawl
to the base, have players catch their feet on fire, or get flipped through the air by
a base-runner. Over the years, I’ve probably spent about half my time just punching the
other team with the ball. By the way, that’s actually how you tag runners, and they can
knock you the hell out to jar the ball loose. And that’s really the reason why I love
this game so much. No, it doesn’t have the best controls, or the most engaging gameplay,
but it’s funny. It’s really hard to play this game and not laugh, especially if you
enter codes and play with animal head players. This humor is most evident in the banter between
the broadcasters. Every line the two guys say is just pure gold, from explaining how
to stop someone from choking to why Abraham Lincoln would be a better pitcher than the
Hunchback of Notre Dame. It’s some of the best writing and delivery I’ve heard in
a video game. The animations of the players can also lead to some laughs, like when the
second baseman covers his eyes to avoid seeing his pitcher get the crap kicked out of him
by the batter following a beaning. In addition, the “extras” section even has some really
funny commentary from the makers of the game. Baseball is a fantastic sport, and my personal
favorite, but it’s sometimes fun to just forget about the rules and punch everyone
in the kidneys. This is a great choice to mess around with if you have some company

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