CGRundertow MLB 12: THE SHOW for PlayStation Vita Video Game Review

The great thing about baseball is the fact
that it is everywhere. You can find baseball being played in the streets of the east coast,
the farm fields of the midwest, and even on the shores of Japan. Baseball is everywhere,
and now even more so as Mlb 12 the Show comes to the Playstation Vita. So does this version
stack up against its now legendary console big brother? Well, in some ways it is a clear
all-star while in others it is still in the minors. Mlb the Show has set a pretty high standard
when it comes to realistic baseball games. This series has developed into not just one
of the best baseball series but also one of the best sports series in general. It has
the realism and is as close as some will get to actually stepping on the diamond. This
level of detail has been brought over to the Vita, with some impressive results. The Vita version offers everything that the
console version does. You have your standard exhibition games and your always classic home-run
derby, now with an all-star game ready Kauffman stadium. Gotta love Kansas City, some good
looking girls there. But the more in-depth modes have made it into this as well. The
franchise mode is as deep as ever and will easily eat away the hours even before you
play any games. Now how much do I want a hotdog to sell for? And there is Road to the Show
mode, where you create a player and take them through the minors and into a big league star.
Each of these will command plenty of your time. But now you can slit your time. You
can save your Road to the Show player or your franchise mode to the cloud and access it
both on your PS3 and your Vita. This is a great feature and really makes the two games
feel like one split over two systems, although you have to buy both versions of the game,
which is not fun. The controls have also gotten a change. There
is the plenty of different ways to play the game. You can use the standard or you can
use the analog sticks. Or you can use the Vita’s touch controls. You can tap to swing,
or use the back pad for baserunning. These sound really complicated and trust me, they
do take some getting use to but soon enough you will be having no trouble playing the
game with touch screen. While they are fun to play around with, I never found them to
be the preferred way to play. I would try them out but return to the analog sticks and
buttons when I was serious. The one thing that has me scratching my head
is the graphics. Sometimes the game looks great, with detailed stadium and players.
But other times the game looks like a PS2 game, especially when the camera shows the
crowd. They all look very pixelated and distorted. And the faces on the players are sometimes
not that clear. And when the ball is in play, it seems to be bigger than the outfielders
heads. This is a small complain because for the most part the game looks great. The players
animate well, with realistic motions that mimic their real life counterparts. It is
just strange how some parts look amazing while other not so much. If you are in the market for a new baseball
game, then I would recommend getting the PS3 version of Mlb 12. The Vita version offers
some new things, but nothing worth having over the console version. Now if you have
the PS3 one, and a Vita and have the money and the love of baseball then pick this up.
It works great as an enhancement to the PS3 version but not as a replacement.

30 thoughts on “CGRundertow MLB 12: THE SHOW for PlayStation Vita Video Game Review”

  1. First! Finally, I can actually say I was first for once. In all seriousness though, great review. I would definitely consider getting this if I had a ps3 or a vita.

  2. @T888HK crappy my ass. Sony has just achieved a huge technological acheivment. unless you have actually held and played a Vita in your hands, then your talking out of your ass.

  3. @T888HK Keep dreaming pal. A Zune gaming device, yeah, that would fly off the shelves. 11 years later, I still don't accept MS as a video game console manufacturer. They're no good at it. Stay with home computing KTHANKXbye.

  4. how about making a baseball game that's fun, and not just detailed and realistic? There's a reason that RBI Baseball maintains a cult following to this day…

  5. @SexyPotatoDancer Because realistic sports games are what sell. Madden, MLB The Show, NBA 2K, they all fly off the shelves. Sports gamers prefer the realism. To them, that is fun.

  6. @redsoxfan1984 Dude you just say Madden is realistic? HA. It's easy and arcadey, and the only NFL game on the market, that's why it sells.

  7. baseball is everywhere. don't forget western Europe, especially here in the netherlands baseball is pretty big. don't forget, we are world champions 😉

  8. Idk what the complaint about the crowd graphics was about. even with the pixilated crowd it's still way better than the paper figures from the last version I played on the psp. However… that was a couple years ago. Huge step up for me anyway. This game is awesome on the Vita though. Can't imagine how next year's is gonna top this. But I like being proved wrong (yea, I'm one of those douchbags, sorry. Not really, but just said 'sorry' anyway)

  9. haha, this game must be amazing if the only thing you do is compare it to consoles. It's a game for a HANDHELD, lol.

  10. This game is great i hate when people compare it to the console version.Just the fact it looks damn close is awesome.

  11. im just wondering on my vita there these pixels i can see which is really disappointing but when i watch this video i cant find a single one
    is there something wrong with my vita

  12. @1Thatsamazing no, my vita shows pixels too. The reason you don't see any in the video is because the camera used to record the footage (it isn't directly captured from the vita itself) already kinda lowers the quality, so the pixels look blurry.

  13. You need to look from about 9 inches back in order to not be able to see any pixels. Mine was pixely, but I have adapted to it. I hope MLB 13 the show is better. Sure does look better.

  14. Dont buy this game! There are WAY to many glitches that completly ruin the expierence. Hope 13 is better

  15. Well duh! It's not a replacement but a damn good option for gaming on the go. I personally love the vita even if I'm playing a game that has a better port on a better system and the graphics show it still looks amazing and it blows my mind how it plays such giant games.

  16. I'm so tired of reviewers comparing handheld games to consoles. It's stupid. reviewers did the same thing with the PSP always comparing it to the PlayStation 2 and never giving a review solely based on the handhelds own merits. I've always preferred handhelds over home consoles so Give me a review based on the fact that I chose the Vita as my go-to system and that I don't give two [email protected] about PlayStation 3! I don't want to hear how the game compares to PS3 or any other home system. Just give me a detailed review about the game being played on the Vita. how do all the attributes of the game compare to the other Vita versions or how does it compare to the 3DS or older PSP versions? hell, I would accept a Game Boy Advance comparison. what I'm getting at is, handheld reviews should be within the realm of handhelds consoles. just like how they compare PS3 to XBOX or PS2 even. never played a home version of MLB so this game based on its own merits is pretty damn awesome. if I want a PS3 review of the game I'll look it up.

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