Call of Duty TDM on Strikezone and KC with Maniac on Overlord

Hey guys, this is pecosROB again. I know I
lied, I said in the last video it would be a week or two before I upload another one,
but I figured I got extra time right now so why not start off with this video with some
TDM gameplay, it’s about two minutes. I don’t go on an amazing run, but for me to come in
with my team down five and then I was able to get a nice little streak going and then
get the final kill cam, I figured I would start this video off with that gameplay, since,
that’s not too bad, you know. I’ll just throw in another gameplay after this one so it won’t
just be a really quick video. Apologies if my voice sounds really loud, it seems like
with the Kinect or the headset I’m using, the microphone seems to be making my voice
sound really loud when I play back the video on You.. on the Xbox One. But whenever I play
it on the computer when editing it doesn’t sound near as loud. So I don’t know, I have
no idea what’s the cause of that. But anyway, so yeah, I don’t like playing too much TDM
unless I’m playing by myself because everyone camps. Call of Duty I find is more enjoyable
when you play with at least one or two friends that you either know online or know in real
life. I play with some guys that I’m in a clan with, I was in a clan with a group that,
one of my buddies was in that I know from in real life, but it seemed like everyone
kind of jumped on the Titanfall ship when that came. I wasn’t really impressed with
Titanfall so I decided to just stick with Call of Duty, and it seems like most of my
friends did too, except for that old clan I was in. So some other guys I used to play
Call of Duty with, they’re way better than me, they started a clan and I decided to join.
Right now we’re in diamond division and I think I just need one more win to get the,
what’s it called, the final unlock for the clan gear (War Cry camo). And, yeah, that
was my final killcam there, or this is the final killcam rather. But yeah, this is a
little bit older gameplay by the way so you might see my prestige numbers kind of different
here and there. Anyway I’ll see you here on the second part in just a sec. All right guys,
and we’re back. I hope you enjoyed the last, I guess the little intro video of this video.
And now we are on Overlord playing as the Maniac. I don’t remember how I got this (field
order, duh). I want to say it was a field order not a killstreak reward or scorestreak
reward I should say. I was playing with a couple of my clan mates, some buddies. They’re
all pretty good, I’m actually, to be honest, there’s about a dozen of us and I’m probably
in the bottom third in terms of skill. These guys could probably run circles, well I know
they can run circles around me. GDubs and Infidels, I think Infidels is in this game,
I know GDubs is for sure. But uh, yeah, I’m in a very good clan. These guys, we don’t
take it seriously, but we take it seriously, you know? We get mad when we should have won
a game. But we don’t get too pissed if that happens, we just, really when it comes to
clan wars we really do play as a group, communicate, and try to capture those nodes and points.
When we’re not doing clan wars, usually one of us will ask the others, hey, does anyone
want to play? And so we just get together, it makes this game so much more fun to play
with your friends. And you know, talk shit, whether it’s in party chat or in the game
chat. It’s just really, I don’t know, a fun, social thing to do. I don’t really get to
talk that loud when I play because the only time I’m pretty much playing CoD is when my
kid’s asleep. Whether it’s night time and she went to bed or she’s taking a nap. But
because I’m always playing pretty much only when she’s asleep, I can’t really talk that
loud, I can’t be cussin’, and I can’t be yellin’, and when I get angry, so, whenever my wife
decides to go over to her folks’ house cuz her sister’s in town or something, I get the
house to myself, I just let all the F-bombs and GDs fly. I gotta get it out of my system
some how. I don’t know, sometimes it makes me feel better but sometimes it doesn’t. I
don’t know if I’m going into a lot of, I feel like a lot of my commentary is gonna be random.
I don’t script it, it’s pretty much off the top of my head. I may start talking about
other things that I’ve already mentioned and if I do that I apologize. I’ll try to keep
fresh commentary for every video I do. And these guys are terrible right here, I mean,
really? I mean, I’ve been hurt, and you still can’t finish me off? I don’t know, I back
up when I see the maniac. I don’t know about you, I back the hell up hoping I can shoot
him, at least hurt him a lot if not kill him by the time he gets me. But yeah, these guys,
they were just terrible. I mean, we’re winning 58-19. I think a few them had left but I think
some more have come in so I gotta give people credit man, when you’re getting your ass kicked
by 30 or 40 points in Kill Confirmed, and the lead guy in the room, which is me I think
at this time, is 32-5 with 41 tags. I gotta give you props for sticking in that room.
I mean, that’s some patience right there. Usually if I come into a room and it’s down
that much I’ll bounce, especially if there are helicopters flying all over the place.
But yeah, I gotta give those people a shout out I guess, you know. Let’s see if I can
see these names. Blazy and Mustach something, Mustach Cat? CashStch? I don’t even know how
they say that. They stuck it in, this game is about to end, and so I guess this video
will too. Sorry for my rambling and meaningless commentary. I’m really gonna have to decide
to have a series of stuff. I’ll give another shout out to Papa_Gizmo_FTW. He was telling
me I need to come up with some fresh commentary, maybe give some advice, do something to keep
you guys listening. So, until the next time, I hope you guys stay safe and win at CoD…
unless you’re playing me. I’ll catch you guys later.

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