Bush and the MLB Playoffs

you know other baseball playoffs are
going on and i’ve got a honest as far as my bet
is concerned i got two or three minnesota working as a sovereign omit on capital a and somebody says regret
that so that go so well so far what because i
take some way find that favorable but no less for me
is under terrible uh… anyway i thought his local from nineteen ninety three and i’d say that i want to give credit
to jerry krasniqi of yes p n dot com a founded has led to a recrystallized riverside is right about this along courageous uh… owner baseball came on have you ever wondered if the
realignment of baseball and they decide to do a wild card so we might or might not remember that i think it back in nineteen ninety three
they had a vote on a ninety three and it turned out uh… base on the numbers is that a tour
of a decision the for baseball police you know it’s
gone up from uh… their revenues go from one
point two billion took five point eight billy in that time now there’s a
number of factors there are a number of factors involved there but the
realignment in the wild card cup playoffs assistant was deaf in one of
them uh… so far they broke it and they put
it on this record issues and a half million at people one point two five million
people more jerry and just for the wild card games let alone the playoff game between the
rockies and by the cetera at the end of the season which is another day in day
one and only had a lot of excitement this isn’t it in favor of this it seems that is a i release over one point two billion to five point eight billion
that’s nothing but it enormous success but nonetheless it was a man who stood
on principle back in nineteen ninety-three added to the vote on
realignment it was twenty seven tawan the one hundred said no and let me give you a school i made my arguments at what down in
flames what history will prove me wrong that owner of course was owner of the
texas rangers tourist area of work but but and what seriously williams in about
nineteen ninety three quarters isn’t that exactly what he says his administration as an embodiment have been a dozen going
over well to arrive at but this is the premier well the place was to be any judge no this room to move you to be very very
wrong and remember missus launches shaadi
success in writing so-called running the texas rangers you know any of it this is nothing is known for his this
country sammy sosa this is a warning company didn’t bankrupt at the picture is out i guess is best wishes and a lot in if they voted the way but
instead they ordered the all lot less money but district premiere at i don’t think civic act really don’t think so

8 thoughts on “Bush and the MLB Playoffs”

  1. Good argument, but you need to rehearse your delivery, cut out meaningless filler and transition phrases, and tighten up your act. (30 seconds not 3 minutes)

    Next time: 1) set yourself some limit like 30 seconds. 2) try to fit your material into such a segment without "hemming" and "you-knows". 3) If not then consider trimming the material so it fits. 4) Another way to make a punchy segment is to first work on a 10 second summary – if that works then you can expand it.

  2. Great clip guys, this is hilarious. Of course at this point, everyone knows Bush is a world class idiot and the worst president and US history. He drove 2 oil businesses into the ground (not to mention this country), so it should come as no surprise that he was the ONE idiot that fought against the Wild Card system.

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