[RCSparks] – Well the day is finally here guys. We’ve all been waiting for it for me to take the Capo Sixer One. This is a one six scale, Samurai, out on to the trail. So many unique scale features
about this ride overall. Uh, guys if you’ve missed the very amazing Build Series, I’m gonna post
a link in the comment section, or even in the video description box down below so you can check it out. Two stage transmission on this. Unlocking and locking
remote differentials. Everything about this ride is beautiful. Even an anamatronic driver on the inside. I’m ready to rock’n’roll.
Let’s get out on the trail. (soft engine roaring) No sound kit at all. Listen. (soft engine roaring) So smooth. That’s a belt driven transmission guys. If you haven’t seen it,
when I put it together we were all surprised to see a belt that was instead of a pinion,
going to the transmission. It was very, very interesting. And listen… (engine roaring softly) Walking through to an
extreme downhill area. This just goes down, down, and down. So I’m gonna switch it into low gear. Now it’s in crawling gear. And just let that drag brake
do its work on its way down. (engine roaring softly) And of course, for a hard body, lots of weight distribution at the top. So I’m looking for crawl ability here. Not using too many brakes ’cause
if you use too many brakes what’s gonna happen is you’re
gonna get an end over end. Got a rogue squeak on that belt. There we go. Whoa! (engine roaring softly) It’s nice to see something other than a Toyota or a Land Rover, you know, the classic stuff we see out there. Woo hoo!!! (engine roaring softly) Now for the very few
people that are watching that may recognize this, this is the area where my black Toyota
Tundra did a back flip. As well as where Overkill rescued
Pinky all those years ago. Here comes the Sixer now. Not an easy area. Hard to define on camera. These roots basically go straight up. Yeah, look at this. Now here’s a little bit
more height will help. Good suspension fall there. Little bit of wheel speed. Ooh! (wheel whirring) See, only thing is check
these off road tires out. They sure get slick when they have the slightest bit of water on them. (engine roars) Oh yeah! Just opened the door! If I hadn’t have see it myself
I wouldn’t have believed it. Man, gonna have to put a
tighter lock on the door. Kay, now, let’s talk about
these tires for a moment, because I know as a discussion point, a lot of people have
different views and opinions on the types of tires that they like. Are you like, brand specific
hobbyist? Or are you like me? I like different tires
for different terrains. I don’t really find an all
around good tire out there. Well, there are, but you know,
when I’m out with a super scale vehicle like this
one, and that’s what I would consider this Sixer One
as, a super scale vehicle, even though it’s a little bit larger than your common vehicle I don’t
mind having tires like this because they add an extra challenge to me. A go-anywhere truck is always
awesome I’m not knocking that, but at the same time, I
don’t mind having a little bit of a challenge when
I’m out on the trail. Let me know your thoughts
in the comment section. What tires do you like? Let’s try to get some
suspension droop going on here. A high point and then a low
point on my driver’s side. There we go, so that’s
where it drops down. You can see there’s actually quite a bit of drop in that suspension. Those springs are
actually just on a perch. They’re long springs,
and then you can see here at the back I did firm
up these back dampers with an internal spring,
because of the weight of the extra aluminum bumper and tire. But overall, I am pretty happy with that. (tires whirring) Woo hoo! Ooh nice! Wow, wasn’t picture perfect, but it definitely up and overed it. (soft engine roaring) This is the route I take, to always test out suspension and grip. Course, all locked axles right now, giving me four tires spinning. (tires whirring) High spot. Can I turn my way out of it? Nope. I also try to do my steering
as scale slow as possible. What a machine! (low engine rumbling) These guys looking at home in the woods. Spine! (laughing) How’s the ride going, guys? Not bad, eh? Ooh, mud. Deep mud, too. I wouldn’t really say these are mud tires. Let’s try to do the edge. Not too bad, not too bad. Very good! Through! Ooh, here’s a bit of
a, gotta go in between, it’s quite a drop down. I wonder if that stick is gonna give us our first huge scratch. Spotter on one side. Very good, I like what I’m seeing. A little bit of a scratch,
can we work our way out? Yeah, look at that, boys! Yeah that’s wheelin. Say what you want,
those tires are working. Oh, I came unlocked, no. Make sure it’s locked all the way. (engine revs) Through and through. (bird calls) Try not to get high centered here, I’ve gotta choose the highest point with my wheels at all times. Here we go with a big, big drop. Sliding over it. Look at that, super steep. Can never translate it well on camera. Sounds like I got a stick
rubbing up against my tire there. Oh no, it’s just body rub. Oh! Did I lose a spring? Look at this! Is it gone? I lost a spring! Oh! The top of my shock came off! Let me see, did it bust
off, or did I just unscrew? It just unscrewed. Well,
time to go on a hunt, eh? There it is! This is where it came undone. That was easy to find, right over there! Thought it looked a little
droopy in the front. This should be a quick repair. Kay, I’ll eliminate all
the curse words I just said because that was the slipperiest job of course it came (laughing) I’m like this’ll be easy, yeah. It’s done, though. Let me know if you’re
still watching the episode. YouTube says my shows only get seen like till two minutes into the vid. I wanna know, have you been curious enough to watch this far into the video? Woo hoo! I see that front tire is still turning. (wheel whirring) That’s good, is the front one? Yeah. But no as much. I noticed some slippage
in that front tire. Look at that, what’s up with that? And, I should be totally
locked right now I think. Yeah, that’s totally unlocked. I wonder if I’m losing
like, uh, it’s bolted right to the axle, what’s going on with that? (engine revving) Mm, looks like I have some
build investigation to do. Can we get up? We’re not gonna be able
to get up that incline. Woo hoo! I love trucks in mud. Kay, well, we’re gonna have
to take an alternative route. Can’t do it with just three tires working. Go in and see where I made
a mistake in my build. Rah! There it is guys! What a great day. This is exactly why I
love the hobby, you know? Gets me outside having fun with
trucks that normally I could well, I could probably
afford a Suzuki Samurai, but, you know, the options
are endless out there. Do all this four wheeling
and I don’t have to worry about not getting
out of the bush. (laughs) (engine roars softly) Very slick rocks today, I gotta say. But as fast as necessary,
as slow as possible. The rule of crawling. Just get that hook up. As soon as you start spinning your tires, you’re basically not going anywhere. Let’s go ahead and get
him to back up a bit. Perfect wheeling. Steering into it. Heading back to the studio. You guys can’t tell,
but this hill up sucks, because it’s full of divots. I do this every run. Straight up, here we go. The suspension is handling it. Oh, right there! Glad I was there. Gotta watch those flips on this
hill that’s how steep it is. (engine roaring) Wow, I’m surprised it made that. And that is how it’s done.

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