44 thoughts on “Bat-wielding neighbor beats pit bull to rescue little girl from Bronx attack”

  1. People have to contain their dogs behind proper fencing. Lazy ,cheap ,and ignorant don't cut it. These type of dogs have a high prey drive. They always go after small children.

  2. This happens all the time in the Bronx. I don't understand why people don't get charged with a crime when they allow their Pitbulls loose to attack others. They need to be charged with a crime, fined and sued.
    When you have a dangerous breed this needs to be the consequences of your dog attacking someone. Pitbulls do not leg go once they attack they become killing machines. I have seen groups of men with bats try to beat 2 pits off one girl.

  3. Both dogs should die and the owner should be put in jail for a very long time! These dogs should be illegal to own in NYC Mayor Deblassio should do something now!

  4. People who own these dogs are afraid of other human beings they need protection from a monster dog like a pit bull. They cannot fend for them selves!

  5. kill every pit bull, gun them down asap, kill every lion tiger gator snakes etc, this world is sick, nations are cruel and nuts, instead of nations fighting against nations, we humans shall go into the forests and reserves and kill out every danger to human animal, this should of been done years ago, dont lisren to hitler laws, you african sickos that fined that doctor from misoury for killing cecil the lion, you all deserve to be attacked by a lion, you should of paid him for making the world a safer place, i ask from all pitbull dogs please please kill your owner, if your such a cruel person that you keep a pit bull in your house hold then you deserve to get your selves eaten by the dog, I ask anyone and everyone that has a way to kill a pit bull or any other dangerous animal, please do so, you are helping humanity, thanks in advance, what the he'll is wrong with these people? ?????

  6. & yet many ppl r adamant about this breed being nothing less than evil & will continue to defend them. It's all about how u raise them is what they'll say…blah blah blah 🙄 The US needs to join: New Zealand, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, France, Finland amongst many others at banning pit bulls. I say euthanize every last 1 of them!! 😡

  7. Sir ur under arrest for animal abuse…
    Next time wait for the heros to show up and setup crime scene tape and bodybag the victim.

  8. You can't attack a vicious pit with a bat they'll kill u.
    I had a 4 year old smack my dog with a stick. The dog played with a kid then attacked me and the kid. No injuries. Everyone was smiling and laughing after crying stopped.

    Whenever a pitbull attacks. It can be play or downgraded to rough housing. When my dog is biting my hand. Nothing. If I out my mouth there stitches. People deserve a good 100 stitches on occasion. The mob police and gangs agree.

  9. Thanks to the man with the bat protecting that child. Hes a hero. Those pits should be put to sleep the death penalty if you will. In some city's its a law to keep muzzles on pits i don't trust them won't pet them or approach them. The owners should be charged & pay for the girl's medical bills.

  10. all dogs should be made illegal exept racing dogs and working dogs on farms . no need for it . they bark and cause nuisance noise to neighbors , poo and tiddle everywhere . a big toilet we live in that never gets flushed , they get fed on blue green and yellow lumps and rubber bones . when a carnivorous predator is on the loose , id expect it to try and eat real meat . its like you taking an apple off a tree when your giro doesnt cover your food expense

  11. That man is a hero for saving that little girl! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Those dogs should be put down. We don't need another attack 🛇🐶🐕🐩🛇

  12. That fking dog and his owner need to be killed both of them. Fk they just ruined the fking child life, fk it. My prayers for the child but I know he will never forget it. 😔

  13. People are angry bc they think pitbulls are agressive… Well of course they are if u teat them like theyre agressive ofcourse theyll grow up to be agressive. Its not that they are born agrassive its that people raise them agressive

  14. Ok. Lets talk about this. Was this the dogs fault entirely? No not entirely. Was it rhe dogs breeds fault? No absolutely not.was it the owners fault? Yes it was completely the owners fault for not raising the dog well. No one is born agressive? Im mean was hitler born a tyrnat? The kid who liked to draw? No he was compleatky innocent as a child but he was raised in a way and treated in a way to make him a tyrant. Same thing with pitbulls many owners dont socialize them which makes them untrusting and agressive. For example my neigbors dog is a giant pitbull who is very calm and is pretty old. He lets my pug play with him and the dog dosent even bark, it walks without a leash and is very friendly. Why? Because his well socilazed and trained? If you are a first time owner then dont get a pitbull because that a hard dog to train because its big and requires a lot of time and effort and experience. So dont get a pitbull if ur a first time owner unless you can afford to and will tske him to professional dog training. So dont blame the dog or its breed for things like this. Blame the owners

  15. to the peaple who say the owners are " irresponsible" did u not hear the part about THE DOGS BROKE OUT not the owners just let them lose and these comments are terrable if you see this dont go further!

  16. i had one gentle and one bad one, it attacked the good one then went after my husband we beat and beat it to let go it won't let go it like he said i don't care how much you hurt them hey don't let go, i say use a bullet bad dogs and these are the worst , my other one died young because of her injuries from the pit , she was part cattle dog ,after her i told my self no more pitts they are not a good family dog more of a guard dog type

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