15 thoughts on “Bat-wielding assailant brutally attacks man in Van Nuys parking lot I ABC7”

  1. "Police are looking for the two women who were with the victim"? Why wouldn't they have stuck around for the police to get there? UPDATE: Because they were posing as prostitutes he met online.

  2. ABC 7 makes no mention of the 2 women were fake prostitutes. CBS explains it better and they didn't edit the video.

  3. Van Nuys police waited 6 MONTH'S to release the video to the public! Now they're only doing it because they ran out of leads! Keystone cops!

  4. They know descriptions if they were acquired through the website backpage. Release the description of these methed up dreamers already. Give that man his justice.

  5. The guy who was beaten has severe brain damage. He can't remember how to spell simple words like cat and dog. He doesn't recognize his own name on a piece of paper. I work at the rehabilitation center where he's receiving therapy. He doesn't remember his mothers face.

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