Baseball: Upstate vs. Niagara Highlights 2-15-13

Andrew Fitri. Trying to wiggle out of a slight jam he’s
created, this gonna make it hard for him to do so! Base hit inside the line at 3rd. Coming
around to score is Les, Bumgarner will stop on 3rd. it’ll be 2nd
and 3rd with 1 man out. And upstate in the Lead. Spartans strike first. 1-nothing with the RPI single by Luke
Webber. He continues to produce John. Weber leadoff 2nd. Here’s a line drive. Base hit to the left field. Bungardner will score easily. They’re gonna send the trailing runner
to the plate. He will score. Webber crosses. Its 3 to 0 Upstate as they jump all over Drew Fintri. This is one of the better sacrifice hunters on this team but there you see a base hit. He’s gonna dump a single to the left. third to score is Stamped. Trailing runner will stop at 2nd but
its 5-2 Upstate. Long way to determining which direction
this game heads. And he will bounce it over the head of the 1st baseman
who leads, coming home to score is Les. Rounding 3rd is BumGardner.
The Pro will be cut off. 2 more for upstate it is a 7-2 game. Here Upstate Siebel works his way around a 3rd in here’s a, pitch line hard and fair, down to the
left-field corner coming home to score easily Sieba. This will most likely score Morris as
well as Tyler Richardson. Ropes 1 into the 335 area down the
left-field corner. And he just willed that thing fair.
1-0 pitch after the breaking ball misses and Weber almost identically to what he did in the first inning.
Ropes it inside the 3rd base bag that’s gonna score all 3 Spartan base runners and Weber
will stand up at 2nd base with 3 RBIs double here the bottom of the 5th
inning. Trying to find a way to add another run to that total here’s one
here high into the gap toward the wall backing up to
center fielder whether he will watch it sail out of here! It is gonna be a 3 run home run off the bat of Trey Richardson. Another guy that has had a multi RBI day. Richardson I think last time doubled in a
couple runs. Richardson driving at high and deep put of here may have been aided just a bit by that wind but he hit the ball very well
get good wood on it. Jumps on this one. skies it
in the left. It’s got hop the fence. Its coming
home to scores Baumgartner. Trailing Baumgartner is Weber. Morris
will score 3 more RBIs. In a 8 RBI day for Trey Richardson who stands at 2nd Base. -So the Spartans pick up a record-breaking victory on opening day here at Harley
park. And 2 of the reason standing by right now are Brandon Lee and Trey
Richardson. Brandon you go 6 innings, you strike out 7. A performance like
that’s what you gonna want night in and night out especially when he conference
play. Brandon: Yea, it was a good start for me and shaky 2nd inning but It was a gonna start. A start for our Team and it should carry on to tomorrow in Kentucky. -What does it feel like when you get that
kinda run production you not going to get better every time. But you know when you over 20 runs are
put up behind you. That’s got to calm you down just a bit? Brandon: Yeah, it’s a great feeling to have. You get kind of tired and kinda of bored sitting in the dug out. But when you get all those runs that kinda frees you up there on the mound. you kinda do what you want. -Speaking of run production. Do you just want to drive them all to yourself Trey? 8 RBIs, 8 RBIs on the day including a 3 run home run away out
here to left-center field. You must’ve been seeing the ball pretty well tonight? Trey: Yeah I was, I felt good. You know we
worked hard this whole year. And you know, I think we deserve a win
like that to start off the season. -Trey, does this speak to the kind of
powerful explosion this team can have night in and night out throughout the
season? Trey: I really do think it does you know?
Like I said we work hard, we get up early every day. Those weight liftings are hard. And you know, we’re good so. – Kentucky tomorrow, you turned some heads tonight putting up so many runs. You can really make a Statement if you play with one of the top teams in
the Country. What’s your mindset going into tomorrow’s game? Trey: Win! Thats what I want to do. And I think we can do that. So we will see Tomorrow. -If you haven’t figured it out already this is an explosive and exciting Upstate Park
spartan baseball team. And you’ll want to come out the remainder of this weekend. Kentucky tomorrow, Georgetown on Sunday and a memorable
season ahead. Spartans 1-0 on the young season after
picking up a big victory gets Niagara the first game. Coach you gotta
be real pleased with the performance of all your club
top to bottom? Coach: Yea I am. Brandon threw well, you know, he just got us into the game which is what you always ask at your starter and then you know the offense performed you know obviously we hit the ball but you know we’re also able to draw some
walks we took some hit by pitches so there was a lot of offense tonight. You know, hopefully that’s a good sign in
the side of things to come this spring. – Your hitters were very patient early
when the game was in doubt you gotta be pleased with the way they approach their
bats? Coach: Yeah I was. I’d say early there are a couple that bats and I had issues
with regard to approach I’m but other than that yeah I will
please how they did and hopefully they can continue to do that. – Made a stable with the amount of runs you score. What did folks learn
about this team tonight maybe they did know coming in? Coach: I don’t know you know we we played well tonight. We’re a go. You know Niagara didn’t play as
well as they wanted to. So I mean will see, and you know
there’s a reason you play 56 of them instead of just one. You know it’s it’s nice to get off to
a good start you know you certainly be rather be on the you know winning side of
something like that. You know so we’ll just see. Historically we have started a little
quick here. So i’m pleased that hopefully we can continue that this year. – It is a long grind there’s a big one with Kentucky tomorrow. Whats your approach going into that game? Coach: Well you know I told the guys after this one we’re gonna need tough guys tomorrow. The weather is kinda a shaky deal. And you know just have come out
handlin in and give them our best shot and see you know how we do we know that they’ve
got a very good team they handle us fairly easily last
year so, you know hopefully we’re gonna
perform tomorrow in and you know we’ll see. I think
we’re all looking forward to it. Certainly you know you you look forward to playing a team of that caliber. -We look forward to seeing you tomorrow
night coach thanks. Upstate Spartans making a statement early in the season this is an exciting baseball team and you want to keep up with them at WWW.UpstateSpartans.Com

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