Baseball Tips & Tricks : How to Cork a Bat

The question is asked, how to cork a baseball
bat? That would be very important for me to note in this point in time that corking a
baseball bat makes the bat illegal. The rules of baseball state that if you use a wooden
bat it has to be a wood stick that is of one piece. When you start to put cork in the bat,
that suddenly makes it a two piece bat, and it is illegal. But if you’re determined to
cork your baseball bat, this is how you do it. Basically you drill a hole in the end
of the bat that is the same size as the cork that you’re going to replace the core of this
bat with. The misconception in corking a bat is that it makes the ball go further, it actually
does not. It reduces the mass. What it does do is make the bat extremely light and a great
deal lighter than it was, and it allows the player to have more bat speed and perhaps
that’s what makes the ball go further. But keep in mind, before you go corking your bat,
you can drill it out and you could put cork in it, but if you play at a regular game whether
if it’s in an official capacity, you’re using an illegal bat because corking is an illegal
action for baseball. But that’s how you cork a baseball bat.

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