Baseball Swing Mechanics : Swinging a Baseball Bat After Contact

Now what we’re going to talk about today is
after you make contact, what do you do? Do you make contact and then drop the bat? Do
you continue through, do you roll your hands over? What in this general vicinity, from
here to here, what are you supposed to do? Well as we’ve talked about, you get your solid
base, your ready to go, you got your timing, boom. I made contact with the ball here. Now,
all I want to do is continue to push, basically push forward as far as I can until I have
to come back across my back. If you start to do things like make contact and then just
kind of let it fly like that. What you’re going to do is your going to ground out, weak
little grounders, third base man, short stop, something like that. If you go here, after
contact, you just kind of let it fall, either you’re going to foul it off, hit a weak grounder
to the first base man, something like that. So, what you want to do, is come through here,
boom, we make contact, keep driving through, keep driving through and then you go through
your follow through. It, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, people don’t say why do you
keep pushing through, it seems weird but I can’t tell you the physics but for some reason
it works. So make sure, all you’ve got to do, boom, you make contact, keep driving through
and that was the point of contact and after the point of contact.

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