Baseball: Oceanside Pirates @ Rancho Buena Vista Longhorns

Highlights, interviews, and much, much more! This is Prep Sports Live! Welcome to Rancho Buena Vista High School, and welcome to the baseball season finale in this Avocado West League matchup between the Longhorns and the Oceanside Pirates. The Pirates strike first: Max Burdette hits a bomb! That one goes all the way to the wall That one brings around Justin Hawkins all the way from first base he scores the Pirates’ first run, while Burdette ends up at third base with the RBI triple. Burdette would score when Zack Wickham puts it in the dirt. His catcher can’t handle it and Burdette slides in safely 2-0 Oceanside. The Longhorns respond: right away, bottom of the first inning, man on first and third, Jacob Threw hits a high-fly ball to left-center field. That one drops in, and it brings in Kellen Sheppard from third base with RBV’s first run of the game. They weren’t done: Tanner Handa with a line drive to center field. That one drops in, and it brings in Aidan Stinnett, and Threw is right behind him. The Longhorns would add one more run as Blake Chandler rockets one. That one brings in Handa, and the Longhorns lead 4-2 after one inning of play. In the second inning, it was first and third again for RBV. Eddie Gonzales with a wild pitch- in comes Chandler, and he avoids the tag for the run. Next batter is Alex Boyd, and he hits a rocket to short; he can’t handle it, and Jacob Woolsey crosses home plate for RBV. On the mound for the Longhorns was Wickham. He comes in with a 1.59 ERA, and as usual, he was dealing. Matt Flake swings and misses, Aaron Seats didn’t fare any better. Andy Echeverria takes a seat on the Oceanside bench. Austin Van Hoy can’t find the fastball. And Donovan Niederhauser meets the same fate. Later it was Flake again. And Seats knew exactly how that felt, as he goes down swinging as well. Wickham was pretty nifty on his move to first as well, as he picks off Devin Castañeda. He gets in the rundown. The Longhorns eventually tag him out, and that’s how it went for the Pirates. Longhorns take this one, Final Score: Rancho Buena Vista – 11, Oceanside, 4. The Longhorns finish the regular season with a 23-8 overall record. Highlights, interviews, and much, much more! This is Prep Sports Live!

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