Baseball Equipment & Skills : How to Grip a Baseball Bat

Hi, I’m Tony Naile. Today, I’m going to talk
to you a little bit about how to grip a bat. First of all, as a right hander, you want
to keep your hands together, not space between. Some people choke up on the bat, but still
keep your hands together. Line up, by what we call knocking knuckles. These are knocking
knuckles, the ones you knock on the door with. Line those up. It enables you to turn over
the bat properly, when you swing. Secondly, notice in my hand here. You don’t lay the
bat back deep in the arch of your hand, between your thumb and your index finger. Lay the
bat on your fingers, here. It gives you a lot more hand action, a lot faster bat. If
you lay the ball and lay it deep, you’re going to squeeze the bat. You’re going to turn white
knuckles. You’re going to get the bat too fast, which enables slower bat speed. Follow
through with your bat. When you’re going to come through, you’re going to turn your hands
over. Drive through. We like to grip the bat here, right above your shoulders, and you
swing down to the ball, and finish over your left shoulder, as a right hander. If you’re
a left hander, same things. Just keep your hands in here tight. Grip the bat, knuckles
together, loose hand. We’d like to demonstrate how to grip the bat. Most people grip too
hard. We use a phrase. You grip the bat, like you grip a baby bird. Tight enough it doesn’t
fly away, but not too tight to hurt it. It creates a lot more bat speed. That’s it for
today. Thank you.

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