Audiences are Falling Head Over Feet for Jagged Little Pill at A.R.T.

[harmonica playing] (multiple speakers)
Speechless, absolutely incredible.
This was phenomenal. (speaker)
It was a work of art, I loved it. (speaker)
It’s amazing. (speaker)
I’ve never seen a show
bring the house down like this one. It’s something I’ll never forget. (speaker)
I didn’t think it would be that emotional. (speaker)
The most entertaining, heartfelt, laughing, crying experience I’ve had in a very long time. (speaker)
It was great to hear Alanis Morissette’s music
like that into a story. (speaker)
It was such a beautifully told, impactful story. I completely loved it. (speaker)
It’s so relevant dealing with
the issues of today. (speaker)
To be in that room, it’s electrifying—it’s a goose bumps. (speaker)
Hearing my childhood soundtrack, seeing them bringing it to life in 2018
was just an amazing time for me. I can’t wait to go again. [instrumental “You Learn” by Alanis Morissette]

3 thoughts on “Audiences are Falling Head Over Feet for Jagged Little Pill at A.R.T.”

  1. It was absolutely phenomenal! Everything from the music to the story to the staging, absolutely stunning work to all the actors and production crew! Hope I grab my tickets on Broadway before they sell out 🙂

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