AOK Alkaline Pitcher

Hello, this is Robyn from Positive Potential.
Clean, hydrogen rich, alkaline, antioxidant water is the best water for your health.
Today I am going to demonstrate the AOK Alkaline Pitcher.
The AOK Alkaline Pitcher; Creates silky smooth and sweet tasting water
Removes chlorine and other contaminants Absorbs heavy metals such as lead, copper,
mercury Adds the essential alkaline minerals of calcium,
magnesium and potassium Produces alkaline water (pH 8.5 to 10).
Provides negative ORP transforming water into antioxidant water
The AOK Alkaline Pitcher is; Economical (each filter can filter 200 litres)
The filter ingredients (active carbon, ion exchange resin, negative potential particles)
are sourced from the United States It is BPA free
Easy and convenient to use Portable
Suitable for singles, families or the workplace Ergonomically designed As you can see the AOK Pitcher is available
in either white or blue. An instruction brochure is included in the box.
The AOK pitcher includes a lid, funnel, filter cartridge and the pitcher itself.
The capacity of the jug is 3.5 litres but the amount of filtered water is actually 2
Clean the funnel and pitcher in the dishwasher or by hand.
Don’t immerse the lid in water; just use a soft damp cloth to clean it by hand
Screw the filter into the base of the funnel Place the funnel into the pitcher
Fill the funnel with cold water up to the brim. Repeat this two times and discard the
filtered water. This will rinse away any loose activated carbon particles and will prepare
the filter cartridge for use. Your AOK Alkaline Pitcher is now ready to
The lid has an electronic cartridge life indicator. This can be set depending on how many people
will be using the jug; 1, 2, 3 or 4 people. The instructions on how to set the electronic
indicator are in the brochure. WHEN TO REPLACE THE FILTER CARTRIDGE
The lifespan of the filters depends on the number of people using the AOK pitcher and
the quality of the water. Here is an approximate guide.
1 person: 80 days 2 people: 60 days
3 people: 40 days 4 people: 30 days
The electronic indicator will show a blinking warning signal ‘X’ which means that the filter
cartridge should be replaced within one week. HOW TO REPLACE THE FILTER CARTRIDGE
Unscrew the used filter cartridge from the funnel
Screw the new cartridge into the funnel Fill the reservoir and discard the water two
times Reset and reactive the indicator
Here I have some samples of bottled water, tap water and tap water filtered through the
AOK alkaline pitcher. You will see that the bottled water is quite
acidic. The tap water is around pH 7 and tap water (after being filtered through the AOK
jug) is around pH 10. You can purchase the AOK Alkaline Pitcher
here. Check out our website for special offers on the pitchers and replacement filters.

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  1. Brought 4 Hydrogen bottles and they were very expensive , sold as PMt technology but turns water to chlorine , very bad for you , false advertising

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