ANIME Baseball

Hhhhngh! (strike three, you’re out) Hiramo Suka just struck out the best hitter on their team. I didn’t expect to see that today. They better follow up with someone good if they want to win. One out. Bottom of the ninth. And they want me to go up?! We’re one point away from winning. But my batting average isn’t what it used to be. No! They put me here for a reason! I just need to get to first, and it’ll be smooth sailing from there. Wait! They’re communicating. If I can figure out their code… (strike one!) Wow, that’s his fastest pitch of the day. Does Kirby stand a chance? According to his stats, unlikely. Wait, what’s he doing? What’s that symbol mean? Hhhrrugh! That’s a junk ball! That’s against the rules! Today’s not your day kid. It’s time to witness my POWER! Junk ball has a spinning gyroscope at its center making its movement unpredictable. It’s impossible to hit. (strike two) No, I can’t win. Not against that. I’ve been on this team ten years, and I’ve NEVER seen a pitch like that! I’ve gotta do something! Wait a minute! He switched balls! That’s an illegal baseball. The signal! I need that now or that’s strike three. Ha, ha, ha I might not be going home today, but Kirby sure is! Noooo! Dodger, no! Huh? Aah, what is he doing? Stealing second base, but he’s never going to make it. Hiramo Suka is just too fast. Ha, poor fool! If he turns back, they’ll just throw the ball back to first and they’ll tag him out. What is he thinking? Hhhgh! Aaaaaaah Gone! …gggggrrrrrr… He switched the baseballs! He doesn’t notice. Dodger sacrificed himself for me… …so I can win the game. No! I’m gonna hit this one right out of the park. This one’s for you Dodger. Yes!

41 thoughts on “ANIME Baseball”

  1. How to make this video

    – Go to Korea get an anime
    – practice doing your angry face
    – edit the video with filter
    – put an anime cartoon music at the end

  2. you guys nailed that so incredibly perfectly. When it cut to the quick graduation scene I lost my shit. And then proceeded to lose it further.

  3. Wow…That was amazing. The stupid montage at the end with the fake baby. I loved the whole game. Really captured the anime aspects.

  4. They left out the part in anime where anybody finds out literally anything , opening their mouth and gasping in a way that looks like they've just been penetrated

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