Angry Bat Birds

Blast! Where is Angry Bat Bird? Angry Commissioner. What took you so long? The 3G network was down! Look, we have a leak on
the Mayor’s eggs. We’ve tracked them down to that location and an old friend. Harvey Dent Pig. How we going to take out two face? – er pig? Both sides of his personality can’t
know were coming. We stick to the shadows, find a vulnerable moment when he’s alone and
strike. With what? The Bat sling. Now! Why did it come to this Harvey Pig? No time to
get sentimental, the Joker has the eggs on the west-side. Would of been way quicker to fly. Definitely. Holy digital downloads Bat Bird, there it is! Joker Pig! Ha-ha-ha! How do you like your eggs? Sunny side up? Or scrambled ha-ha-ha. Give up the eggs Joker Pig! If it isn’t the Angry Bats himself. Now where is your little bird brain at? In coming! Sorry Bruce. Robin, no! Joker Pig! No need to shout Bats, I’m right here. You’re going down! Do you’re worst Bat beak! Ahh! Ha-ha-ha! You missed! Did I? You did it again Angry Bat Bird. Angry Bat Bird? Um he’s gone dad unless you pay for the full version. So I guess he’s
gone for good? It’s only 99 cents… He’s gone for good.

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