Aluminum or Wood?

Narrator: If you happen to be a Major League
Baseball fan and you’ve seen a college game or two played, you’ll notice
several differences between the the two. But one
difference should stand head and shoulders above the rest.
Folmar: The difference between college and professional baseball without a doubt,
is the bat used. Professional baseball using a wood, college baseball using aluminum. The
biggest different really from me one is the way it comes off the bat. There is this
difference between the two. Although in college baseball they have what we call “the
dulled bat”, “dummied” the bat up a little bit to play more like wood. It’s still not
wood, but the sweet spot on a wood bat compared to a sweet spot on the aluminum bats
now are the same… Narrator: Right now the emerald
ash borer is threatening ash trees from the midwest all the way to the eastern seaboard,
one of the main trees in bat manufacturing. If Major League Baseball so
steeped in tradition couldn’t use wood, could a league of aluminum bats possibly work?
Folmar: I think in pro baseball the reason they wouldn’t want to go to an aluminum bat
is because number one it’s always been wood.
Way back in time everybody at every level swung
the wood bat. So I don’t they’re I don’t think we’ll ever see them go to the aluminum bat
unless there was a major problem with all of our wood. But I think it’s one of those
things; they’ve always swung wood and I think they will continue to swing wood.

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