Acrylic Step by Step Painting Baseball in Grass Easy beginner Tutorial 🎨⚾

38 thoughts on “Acrylic Step by Step Painting Baseball in Grass Easy beginner Tutorial 🎨⚾”

  1. my son will be in a cast most of the summer. he broke his elbow in 2 places and needed surgery, theybhad ti put a pin in.

  2. You and the hubby ROCK! Thank you for continuing to give us free tutorials!!! We appreciate them so much!!!

  3. Thank you so much for this painting. I've been trying to get my grandson (10) interested in painting but no luck..This kid eats, sleeps and breaths baseball, and this is just the thing to inspire him. Also, where did the paintbrush caddy behind you come from? Would love to have one like it. Again, thank you so much for everything you do.

  4. I've been watching your videos and I love them all!! I would love if you could do a tie dye background with maybe a Mandala dreamcatcher tutorial!! Or just the tie dye, I've been trying but I can't seem to get it right(: sending love and happiness your way, thanks for all you and your husband do for putting joy into all the people that have benefited from your lessons. I know I have (:

  5. Josh and I have been waiting with anticipation the tutorial of this painting. It was awesome. Thank you! Before beginning any project, I always like to watch it in full before hand …. just in case there are some "oops". But there were none – awesome. Again, Cinnamon, THANK YOU! Josh and I will be doing this during his recovery from surgery. (We are still waiting – it shouldn't be long now.) Hugs from us both.

  6. I'm going to paint this one my little granddaughter just finished first year T-ball she's my biggest fan as far as painting she loves everything I paint for her.

    I have been painting with you for almost a year I think you're just wonderful person with a wonderful family God bless you for being such a good person and ILive just outside Vancouver British Columbia in Mapleridge and I believe you live in Vancouver at one time

  7. I love this and did it as a softball for my daughter. Now I just need to figure out how to post it and show you.

  8. Hi, I have been watching your videos and I like them all, thank you for your excellent tutorials, they are inspiring.

  9. This is a fabulous summer painting! Lovely work! Thank you for sharing your talent and wonderful personality with us!

  10. omg I can't wait to try different versions of this with the glove and bat for my nephews three are all in baseball.

  11. I love this. This summer is the summer of lemons. Lemons are everywhere! Would love to see your ideas for them! (as you do it best!)

  12. Even I play baseball…And i loved to see this…I made this and showed it to my coach and my Art Teacher. They were really very happy.😊❀

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