A Winning Combination: Louisville Slugger® Case Study

Baseball is our national pastime. It’s brought family and friends together for
generations. It’s what I consider to be the best game that’s
ever been invented. The relationship with Sherwin-Williams came
about through a progressive need. Louisville Slugger to basically improve our
products. We reached out to several companies to help
us find out better understand what are what our competitors were presenting to professional
ballplayers and through many many months of effort. Sherwin-Williams stepped up and they presented
a plan and products that really helped us step up our game. Sherwin-Williams and Louisville Slugger have
a combined experience of 280 years in this business. We came together as one unit to provide a
quality product and finish that they can use on a Major League Baseball bat. Our incumbent suppliers at the time, they
were smaller in scope so they didn’t have the logistics and the technological side of
things that we needed to really help us understand all the chemistries that need to come together
to make a high quality finish that we were after. So Sherwin-Williams ability to step up with
you know lab technicians all their different avenues all their different resources. So they were pulling from the automotive industry. What they’re learning from the furniture side
of things is all the avenues they produce product for they were able to pull from all
of those help us come up with the technology we currently use. What we did is we came in and we brought some two-component units in and we were able to
speed up their process. They were mixing paint my hands eliminated
that. Now the two-case system they can just constantly
keep going, paint bats in their output is greatly improved. Louisville Slugger produces roughly 70 to
75 thousand professional quality bats. From Start to finish, It takes roughly five
to seven production days to take it back from the stock piece of wood all the way to a finished
product that’s ready to go to the customer. The two part Top Coat System that Sherwin-Williams
provides for us has been revolutionary for us. It’s a catalyzed urethane that Sherwin-Williams
help us get the automatic spray equipment that actually allows us to spray the stuff. They Help bring in the suppliers that allowed
us to trial run the equipment that we used and we ended up keeping the actual unit that
we that we used in testing. It’s huge for us. It’s allowed us to grow our throughput that
we that we see every day probably twofold. The new technology has cut down the production
time probably three to four days. Sherwin-Williams is… I could pick up the phone at 10p.m. and Quinton
I’m sure would answer the phone. On a support level, Sherwin-Williams has been
huge. The nature of our business it’s, it’s always
what’s next. What’s the latest and greatest? where Can
we where can we stretch the boundaries of what we perceive a baseball bat is going to
look like in the future. Of course there’s a lot of innovation and
motivation to move forward. You know whatever they want to bring to the
table Sherwin-Williams will be asked to help and with that and we’ll bring the latest and
greatest products. We are very excited Sherwin-Williams and Louisville
Slugger together and moving forward into the future to make the best bat possible can be
the top number one bat in America. That’s where we need Sherwin-Williams to help
us. They want things to change so quickly, we
need somebody that’s willing to step in and give us a hand and not just we bought paint
Sherman-Williams. It’s a part of the solution. They’re always here to help us.

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