A legendary mascot got ejected because a crotchety Tommy Lasorda hated fun | That’s Weird

– [Will] Here’s what I
know about Tommy Lasorda. He managed the Dodgers
for a very long time. He kind of looks like Rodney Dangerfield, and he once got a mascot
ejected from a baseball game. – Which mascot? – Yeah which mascot? – Youppi! – No! – Who the hell is Youppi? – Youppi! – Youppi! (logo scratching) (slow upbeat music) – [Will] Youppi! is great. He’s essentially a
Quebecois Phillie Phanatic. – [Seth] Feels like a
dangerous thing to say. – [Will] Not too edgy (laughs) He pulls stunts. He replaced a very creepy mascot that was there for like
a season, named Souki, who was like if Mr. Met went to space. – [Joe] And his name was Souki? – [Will] Yeah I think
I’m getting that right. He also, the other–
– Okay. – The other really good thing is, for whatever reason, the minor league teams
affiliated with the Expos couldn’t also have a
Youppi!, so they had a Yuppi. Which really looks like if Youppi! stayed in his
creation vat a little too long. It’s just overcooked. – Melted Youppi!. (all laughing) – What does Youppi! mean? – Oh, it’s just French for “yippee”. Yippee! Youppi! – Youppi! – Youppi! – He’s basically a walking celebration. – Gotcha, gotcha. – Which, complete opposite
from Tommy Lasorda. The Dodgers were in
Montreal in August of 1989. There also was just like some bad calls. Which is important, because it allows the crotchety Lasorda to become an even crotchety-er Lasorda. A lot of people know this
as the Eddie Murray game. A player on the Dodgers who just kept getting
screwed over by the umps. – So, just bad vibes all around. – Bad vibes across the board. – But Youppi!’s there. – But Youppi!’s there. And, Tommy Lasorda’s there. And Tommy Lasorda feeds off of bad vibes. Each time Lasorda would
go out to argue a call, he would return to the dugout, and be greeted by Youppi!. – [Seth] Like, in the dugout? – [Will] On top of the dugout. – [Joe] The human
exclamation point himself. – The human exclamation point. – He’s not human. – [Will] Let’s not assume species. – Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. You’re right, you’re right, you’re right. – He would stand on the
opposing team’s dugout and stomp around, and the roof just happened
to made out of aluminum, ’cause why not. – Why not make it out of the
loudest material possible? (all laugh) – You basically have a
team in a loud metal cage. So, Youppi! is up on the
dugout just stomping around. Lasorda’s inside the dugout. He pops out to just glare at Youppi!. Everyone loves it. Youppi! recognizes that like, “Oh cool, this is working. “People are laughing. “This guy’s getting upset. “So, I’ll stomp exactly over
where he is in the dugout”. – That’s honestly such
a asshole thing to do. – It’s kinda, yeah, but like, that’s the job
of the mascot, right? – I don’t know a lot about Tommy Lasorda. Like, I don’t really remember him, but I feel like it’s not off base to say he was like kind of an asshole. Like, kind of a famously irascible person. – Right, right. He definitely was, towards mascots. There are exactly three mascots that have displays in the
Baseball Hall of Fame. It’s Youppi!, the Phillie Phanatic, and the Famous Chicken from San Diego. – [Seth] Okay. – [Will] Tommy Lasorda
has gotten in fights with all of them. – And, not joking? – Against the Phanatic, he like, stole the ATV that the
Phanatic was riding around. It was really great, actually. The Phanatic had a stuffed
version of Tommy Lasorda, making fun of Lasorda’s gut. A baseball comes flying
out from off-screen to hit the Phanatic as he’s
driving off on his ATV. Which I assume, Lasorda, the
former pitcher, had thrown. (laughing) He cornered the Famous Chicken– – The San Diego Chicken? – The San Diego Chicken. And strangled him, and told him if he stomped on
any Dodgers hats that night, he would put his hand around his throat and squeeze until his eyes popped out. – So I’m guessing he stepped
on some hats that night. (laughs) – So, he was just really sensitive. – Or confused by mascots and puppetry. – It kind of feels like he was just like, “That, the furry chicken
alien hurt my feelings.” – Right, right. And then so when Youppi! manages to get 20,000 fans to like laugh at you. – Oh, he took that shit personal. – Yeah.
– Yeah. The climactic point in their relationship came in like the tenth inning. Still scoreless. After Lasorda had already
gotten Youppi! to leave the top of the dugout a couple times, and he just like, plopped
down in the front row. Youppi! had a little wardrobe change. And he put on an oversized night shirt, and one of those, just
like, droopy night caps. – I love this dude. – Brought a pillow out, and went to sleep on top
of the Dodgers dugout. Tenth inning. Scoreless. Perfect goof. Lasorda though, steps out, asks the ump to throw him out of the game. And the ump just like blows a bubble and then tosses Youppi!. – They threw Youppi! out of the game? – They threw Youppi! out of the game. And then get the saddest
walk of a dejected– – That, okay, so that’s a gif I’ve seen, of the ump, tosses him–
– [Will] Right. – [Seth] and then he kind of
like slides off of the dugout. – How fed up do you have to be though, to toss a freaking mascot? – Well at that point the ump has to be just fed up with Tommy Lasorda. – And he’s like, “I am so, “I’m already dealing with
the shit on the field, “do not further provoke this person, “who is making my night of
work, way more difficult.” – So Youppi! left and then they played
another, like, 12 innings. This game went 22 innings. – [Seth] 22 innings? – [Joe] It went 22 innings? – [Will] Dodgers won 1-nothing. – So Youppi! was absent
for most of the game. – [Will] Oh, yeah! – Can you imagine Youppi!
in like the 18th inning? Just stomping on the dugout still? – The funny thing about
Lasorda getting mad when he was sleeping on top of the dugout is presumably Youppi! wasn’t
making any noise by doing that, ’cause he was just sort of static. – [Joe] Right. – And still. And so based on my
knowledge of the typography of these things, Lasorda would have to poke
his head out and be like, “Is he still, oh this dude’s
still there!” – “He’s in a nightgown now!” – It’s not like he heard
him stomping around. It’s like, “I just have a feeling.” – I forget that we
actually work with someone who used to be a mascot. – [Will] Wait, actually? – Yeah.
– John? – Not John Borris. – I could see John being a mascot. – I could actually see that too. – I could not see that. – Who was the mascot? – Kofie. – Kofie?
– [Seth] For what? – I don’t know, he told me the story– – Is Kofie here? – Hang on, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Kofie! – [Kofie] Hey.
– There he goes! – Come sit. – Come get on the couch. – [Joe And Seth] Come sit, man. – We just learned something
about you I think. – Here, I’m just gonna hold
this up for you right here. – You used to be a mascot? – It was one time. Actually I’ve been a mascot twice. – In college? – No.
– You said twice? – [Will] Wait, I have so many questions from those like five words you just said. – So once, we stole a high school mascot. We just like took it. – [Will] Oh, so you’re a thief? – No. – Yeah.
(laughing) – That’s different from being a mascot. – No, we were just like, the mascot, current mascot, was like, “I don’t want to
do this,” and he put it down and we picked it up and put
the eagle head on, raven. – [Will] Okay, and you performed as such– – Man, that is multiple betrayals. (all laugh) – Second time, I was an
intern for a sports club, which I won’t name. (all laugh) My boss was like, “Okay, the mascot’s not going to be here, “I need you to be the mascot,” And I was like, “Ah, ha ha.” She was serious. – My time has come. – So I showed up in
jeans and a dress shirt, and it’s 90 degrees outside, and I had to put the mascot
costume on top of that ’cause I didn’t know how
hot mascots costumes get. So I was out here sweating, outside of the stadium, wearing the backup mascot costume. – [Will] Just crushing it. – So there’s a starter and a
backup costume for mascots. – And a couple things
they don’t tell you about a mascot costumes is that one, you can’t really see. And two, kids love to hit you. Kids came up to me and one
of my eagle hands falls off. – Talon, please.
– Oh, it’s a talon? – It’s a talon. – Talon, oh it’s a talon. One of my talons falls off
in front of all these kids, and everybody just stops. And my handler, the person following me around. – Your talon. – Okay so wait. – My talon, my eagle handler at the time. – So there’s a starter costume, a backup costume, and you have a handler? – Mm-hmm. Someone was just following me around, making sure I didn’t do anything stupid. Like, a talon falling off. – Right. – She looks at me and she’s like, “This was a mistake,” and I was like, “Yes it was.” (all laugh) But mascots aren’t supposed to talk. So now, they’re like,
“Oh, the mascot can talk” – Were the kids weren’t dumbfounded that it was a black eagle? – They were like, “Oh my god.” – I feel like that’s
why everybody stopped. – Well no, if you look at a eagle, the only part of it
that’s white is the head. – [Kofie] Right.
– That’s true. – And now 10 to 12 kids think like– – Bi-racial eagle. – Yeah, there you go! – And now 10 to 12 kids think that eagles have black
hands under their talons. Birds aren’t real anyway. (all laugh)

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  1. Well dang, the beautiful people over at MLB beat us to it. After watching us morons, check out their video about this that's all proper and pretty and full of good information instead of stuff like "birds aren't real."


  2. You should do cricket a guy called chris lille one day brought out a metal bat which most cricket bats are wooden and he hit and dented the ball

  3. You know, Lasorda probably wouldn't have been so crotchety when he managed if he hadn't always goofed on pitching lineups. All that started when he got rid of Tommy John.

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  5. I want a MLB video game that has a "hidden bonus easter egg" where Lasorda and the Phanatic deathfight. Maybe 4 straight fouls into the Dodgers' dugout triggers it…

  6. There are 3 mascots in the hall of fame and Lasorda has fought with all of them. Clearly you have to fight Lasorda to get into the HoF.

  7. Hey SB, no beef for a long time. You should dig NHL's beef between Mike Commodore and All star coach Mike Babcock ! Just look at those names !

  8. no cap i now this is gonna get disagrees with my french teacher was the “starting yuoppi” for a few years idk if this is about him or a different one

    Edit: He’s showed us pictures and what not this man was crazy

  9. Alright so I've been trying to figure out why this style of video is entertaining and I think I got it. We as sports fans dream of these conversations where you say something your friends don't know and they're extremely interested about it. It never happens, it never will happen, and its a shame we have to live it out through this fantasy

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