#72💥Paint Pouring💖Dutch Pour💖Blooms 2Pieces-2Trials😅🙃🥳

10 thoughts on “#72💥Paint Pouring💖Dutch Pour💖Blooms 2Pieces-2Trials😅🙃🥳”

  1. Here are some ingredient ideas: Cell Activator( paint that goes on the very top to make cells) 1 part titanium white to 3 parts Floetrol with 5-10 drops of wood conditioner or Australian Flood floetrol with titanium white

    Pouring Medium (goes in colors not pillow or cell activator) Vivid enamel with a bit of triple thick to thicken or 4 parts Valspar gloss Base C to 1part Liquitex Gloss Varnish or Sherwin WIlliams Utra deep base with a bit of JoSanja Varnish.

    Pillow(paint that goes on the very bottom) Valspar 2000 High Hide White Satin or Glidden Premium white eggshell or satin.

    Happy Painting!

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