2020 Miken Mafia Maxload 12″ USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

Hey Smash It Family! I’m Jemaine Curtis. I’m
here with Steve and today we’re going to review…
Steve: The Miken Mafia. It is a 12 inch
barrel Max endload. I like to call it the Bills Mafia Because it’s upstate New York
let’s go Buffalo!
Jermaine: Enough talking let’s just get into swinging this bat. alright? So we’re back and the first thing I want
to say is, this bat was the loudest. when I was behind recording as you guys seen
the exit velos, this one I kept saying wow that that’s loud so what’d you guys
think about the Miken Mafia?
Steve: I think this is a really good bat. It has the max endload. It is my favorite bat because it has the word Mafia on it. I am a huge Bills fan. Matt Beach: To me I felt like maybe if we were outside this would have been the one that hit at the farthest for me. I just felt like this ball would go far.
Chad: Yeah, I like this bat too. Definitely one of my favorites! Jermaine: Perfect! Thank you guys for watching. Hit that like
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