Home Inspection

If you are planning to build, sell or rent out a property for commercial use in Surrey, you will require a commercial epc surrey. You will need to provide the buyer or tenant with the Energy Performance Certificate before or during the inspection of the property. An Energy Performance Certificate has a validity period of ten years. With that in mind, the following are some of the reasons why every prospective home buyer should have an inspection carried out before making a purchase.

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You Don't Have to Pay for It

One of the best things about a home inspection is the fact that you won't have to foot the bill for the same (in most cases at least). You see most people who are selling their properties would want to get them off the market as soon as possible and would do just about anything to ensure that that happens, including paying for inspection. By doing this, the seller will be telling the prospective buyer that they have nothing to hide about the property.

Structural Soundness

The most important part of a building is the foundation. In some cases, the foundation of a home may become compromised, for example, during an earthquake, floods among other things. A faulty foundation poses great risk to a home and may even lead to total collapse. Foundation repair is one of the most expensive undertakings in the construction industry. Foundation status is one of the areas that will be covered during a home inspection. The inspector will check to see if there are any weaknesses that could require repair in the future. Obviously the aim here is to ensure that you do not end up inheriting a very costly problem.

The Silent Killers

Tiny as they might be, termites are among the most destructive creatures on the planet. Every year around the world they cause billions of pounds in damage. Once termites set up a nest in a certain area, they will remain there until they are forcefully removed. A home inspector will check to determine whether such a problem exists and if so, how it should be dealt with.

Energy Efficiency

Just as is the case with commercial buildings, it is important to ensure that a residential property is energy efficient before purchasing it. You should not be blinded by a cheap price tag. A home that is not energy efficient might end up costing you a lot more money in the long run (power, gas bills, etc.) than you thought you were saving when you purchased it at a 'reduced price'. Once the inspection is complete, you will be provided with an energy performance report.

Future Plans

A home inspection will also prove useful if you are looking to buy a home that may require a bit of work. In this case, your intention may be to sell the home at a higher price after making some improvements on it. A home inspection will help you understand the exact state of the property in question consequently enabling you to plan better.